Our Dna

At Jobsity we consider our team our most valuable asset. We hire grown-ups, mentor professionals, and treat our employees like family. We do this because we care. We care about you, we care about us, we care about the environment and diversity.


Continuous Feedback

Communication is essential to running a business, we welcome input from our employees, and we create a culture of continuous feedback. We hold frequent small meetings that are both formal and informal, and have regular scheduled meetings where we discuss company-wide issues.



We work in 4 offices in 3 countries with a diverse group of developers from 8 different countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, France, Russia and the US. Our developers come from many different walks of life, but they all share a passion for coding and learning. We celebrate diversity and we encourage our people to learn about other cultures. With our Exchange Program, we sponsor teams of employees to visit different offices in LATAM and NYC. We consider it a worthwhile investment in our talent.


Office Awesomeness

We brew fair trade coffee and stock craft beer, we play ping pong and hold mojito contests, and like many of our clients, we breathe technology. Although we work with outside organizations, we never lose site of our own values, as both individuals and as a company. We play well together. Please take a look at our values to find out more about our DNA.


Professional Development

From its inception, Jobsity has been about continuous learning. We continue to offer trainings in new technology, mentorships, and coding schools to community members. One of our favorite educational approaches is Peer Programming, in which we pair senior developers with juniors devs for shared work sessions. The younger employees learn tangible skills, and the older devs learn leadership skills. Most importantly, people in the company get to know more about one another.


American Environment

We eat, breathe and work with American culture. All employees speak English, we celebrate 4th of July and love Thanksgiving. We listen to American music, watch American films and often travel to the states for work. When you work with us, you’ll feel right at home.