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Ivan is a talented software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in building web and cloud applications. He specializes in back-end development with Java and has worked in the creation of custom services for publishing, retail, health, and logistics-related solutions.

Ivan loves the practice of test-driven development, which in many times has allowed him to capture, implement and modify complex business rules with rapid iterations and continuous system verification. He has vast experience and knowledge of web services and e-commerce sites built with Java Spring Framework, Scala, and other related technologies.

Ivan is an avid learner who loves to research the latest technologies in web development. He has strong communication skills and an exceptional ability to collaborate on a team. He is always researching programming languages, development techniques, and systems architecture, leveling up and upgrading his skills.

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Skills Sets

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    Spring FrameworkJUnitSymfonyZK
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    Cloud Platforms

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    DockerGit WorkflowsCI/CDGit
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    Agile MethodologiesScrumKanban
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    PostgreSQLMySqlMongoDBSolr Enterprise Search
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