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Matias is a passionate software developer, researcher, and technology enthusiast with more than 5 years of experience. He has experience with many programming languages, which allows him to pick up and be proficient with any technology stack in a short period. He has worked successfully with development teams distributed around the world and has strong communication and collaboration skills.

Matias has extensive experience using Java, JavaScript, and additionally has experience using enterprise frameworks like Spring and other web stacks like NodeJS

Matias is a creative thinker and is always looking to learn about the latest technological advancements. He is passionate about his work, a fast learner, and feels comfortable working in both team-based and self-managed projects. Matias loves to participate in projects with cutting-edge technologies and create excellent solutions for his clients. He is an experienced software engineer and a certified Java Oracle Professional Developer.

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Skills Sets

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    Back-End Frameworks

    SymfonyZKNestJSJEESpringSpring Boot
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    Cloud Platforms

    AWSGoogle Cloud
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    PostgreSQLMySqlMongoDBSQL ServerOracle SQL
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    Agile MethodologiesScrumKanban
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    DockerGit WorkflowsGit
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    Front-End Frameworks



Matias is now available to be hired full-time


  • Going to the beach
  • Skate
  • Watch movies
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