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Cesar is a talented software developer with 7 years of experience in web development. He is a specialist in back-end development using PHP and Laravel to create complex solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Additionally, he has worked creating and maintaining e-commerce sites and apps built in Magento. He has given lectures about web programming and databases to college students. Currently, he is responsible for leading many projects, deciding the best paths to create efficient applications. Cesar is a dynamic developer who likes having an impact on projects for the companies he works for. He is passionate about his work and adapts quickly to new technologies, constantly looking to improve and learn. His experience allows him to get involved in the full development process from planning to deployment. He has effective oral and written communication skills and operates with a sense of urgency and efficiency. He also loves being challenged in order to learn new technologies and tools.

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Skills Sets

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    Node.jsLaravelMagentoBootstrapPHP UnitComposerSlim
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    JiraSlackGSuiteTrelloMS ExcelMantis
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    JqueryRest ApiSOAP UIJSONEloquent
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    PostgreSQLMySqlMongoDBSQL ServerOracleGraphQLElasticsearch
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    DockerJenkinsGithubBitbucketGitlabGit WorkflowsApacheNginxCI/CDGit
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    Agile MethodologiesScrumKanban


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