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Daniel is an analytical software engineer with 5 years of experience working in web development. His programming language of choice is PHP, having worked with Laravel to create websites, web applications, and custom components with back-end functionality.

He has vast working experience with medium-sized companies building complex web applications. Daniel is a diligent, detail-oriented, and hard-working professional who takes initiative to accomplish assignments. He is passionate about his work and is pragmatic in his approach.

He enjoys designing and developing efficient solutions that generate value in people and organizations. He has a high standard for quality and always makes sure that the software he delivers meets those standards.

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    DjangoLaravelJava EEPytestPHP UnitCake PHPJSFHibernate
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    JqueryRest ApiJSON
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    Agile MethodologiesScrumKanban
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    DockerGithubBitbucketGitlabGit WorkflowsSourceTreeGit
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