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Diego is a talented software engineer with 7 years of experience working on web development. He specializes in back-end development with Python, Django, Java, Spring Boot and other related technologies. He has experience working in small and medium-sized companies building complex back-end solutions.

Diego is a focused, detail-oriented and hard-working professional, who is passionate about learning new technologies. He is fluid in communicating and promoting collaboration practices. He enjoys leading teams, with a special focus on commitment and technical growth. He likes to analyze and create a specific solution for each type of problem.

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    DjangoReduxJquerySpring FrameworkBootstrapBackboneRedisYiiSvelte
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    Rest ApiSOAP UIApi Gateway
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    GithubBitbucketGitlabGit WorkflowsSourceTreePytestPyUnit TestPython BehavePHP UnitGit
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    PostgreSQLMySqlMongoDBSQ lite
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    Agile MethodologiesScrumKanban


Diego is now available to be hired full-time


  • Listen to audio books
  • Play video games
  • Spend time with my family

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