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Top-level developers. Same language, same time zone, same commitment to excellence. With Jobsity, you can leave your worries about hiring and retaining costly developers behind.

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An Extension of Your Team That Will Hit the Ground Running

Jobsity's nearshore developers have the expert knowledge to work alongside your team and help your company take on new challenges. All this at a fraction of the cost of in-house talent and with retention rates twice those of other North American firms.

Solving Problems, One Job at a Time


You have more work than you can handle. Jobsity's developers bring expertise and longevity to your team.


No matter the language or platform, our developers can fill any need you may have.


Jobsity's South American teams bring you top‑notch skills at a far lower cost.


Our teams place a premium on proactive communication and transparency.

South America

South America is the silicon valley of the Southern hemisphere, with a rich pool of talent.


Our nearshore team is in your time zone, and easily fits into your schedule.

A Proven Approach

Our recruiters are coders themselves, and they know how to spot talented developers dedicated entirely to a single client and integrated with in‑house teams. They come with a wide range of expertise and constantly strive for improvement, enabling companies to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or speed of execution. Our unique approach has allowed us to work with industry leaders in media, retail, tech, and beyond.

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Numbers Don't Lie

Network size of engineers in South America


Average amount of time a developer stays with Jobsity

2 years

Average developer experience

73% have 5-plus years

Number of languages Jobsity specializes in


Number of candidates vetted by Jobsity per month


Number of candidates interviewed by Jobsity per month


Average amount of time a client stays with Jobsity

5 years

Average number of developers per client


Jobsity presence in LATAM

7 countries

Why Work with Us?

Jobsity's South America-based nearshore staff augmentation provides developers who are aligned with your work schedule, assigned exclusively to your projects, and committed to a long-term, productive relationship with your team.

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Jobsity has been a wonderful partner of ours over the years. We began our relationship as an exercise to expand our engineering team in a fiscally conservative manner. Jobsity not only filled that need, but has also become a great partner of ours. Jobsity listened to our needs, found us some amazing talent and they continue to support our rapid growth in a manner in which we greatly appreciate! The Jobsity team members that now support us function as though they are Kenect employees. We couldn’t be happier with the partnership we have with Jobsity.

Jeff Jones