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Creed Interactive x Jobsity

How Creed Interactive Transcended Expectations and Went Next-Level in Only One Year

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Buried in Résumés?

To meet the increasing demand for their custom digital solutions, Creed Interactive needed to grow their development team. Contracting offshore devs was a no-go; they needed new software developers who could collaborate seamlessly with the U.S. team. Drawing from a roster of the top 3% of tech talent, Jobsity provided Creed Interactive with expert developers located in the company’s own time zone, at a competitive price. These savings meant Creed Interactive could hire more devs than originally planned—allowing them to transcended company expectations in one year.

This report follows Creed Interactive’s hiring hurdles and how Jobsity helped them scale up smoothly—so your team can do the same.

You’ll learn about…

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The importance of staff working in similar time zones

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How Jobsity boosted Creed Interactive’s developer headcount by 20%

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Handing off the distractions of recruitment so you can focus on your real work

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Accessing talent aligned with your hyper-niche needs

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Ways Jobsity can support your business growth, today and tomorrow

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