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Client Success Story: Repair Pricer

How Repair Pricer Worked With Jobsity Developers to Elevate Its Industry-Leading AI Software to 96% Accuracy

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The Client

Repair Pricer offers home repair estimates based on inspection reports, providing ultra-fast turnaround times anywhere in the U.S. They achieved this by using Jobsity’s nearshore app development services to develop proprietary software. Their application automatically generates quotes based on real-time pricing information. 

Thanks to the application they developed to streamline the industry, they’ve become the number one source for home repair pricing in America. 


State of the Industry

Before Repair Pricer built their software, the process to determine fair pricing for home repairs happened on an individual basis. Each repair required complex collaboration and negotiation between inspectors, realtors, and home buyers and sellers. 

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The inspector would provide the home inspection reports to the client. 
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The realtor would send the reports to a contractor to determine the costs.
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The contractor would provide an estimate for the home repairs. 
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The realtor used this quote to negotiate: the home’s seller could complete the repairs or reduce the sales price. 

The problem was this: contractors were calculating a ton of estimates for repairs they weren’t going to be hired to carry out. This process became so widespread that it no longer made financial sense to continue spending time calculating these estimates. Something had to change.

Repair Pricer had an idea to streamline the industry. They hired a team to build a pricing tool based on hundreds of past reports and thousands of home repair estimates. Their goal? To create a system that turns any inspection report into an accurate home repair estimate in less than 24 hours.

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The Vision

The contractors needed a way to generate reports without the time-cost of creating them individually. They hired a team to build a pricing tool based on hundreds of past reports and thousands of home repair estimates. 

To make this a viable solution, they’d need to create a database of every possible home repair item along with its average cost. This would effectively provide one central source from which contractors could pull the information they needed for their estimates. The challenge was that to reflect the latest rates, the app would need to constantly update its information base. The best way to accomplish this was with AI. 

To level up their AI-powered software application, Repair Pricer had to expand their team: they needed access to top-notch developers. The obstacle was in finding candidates who could work with the in-house team during the company’s standard business hours. 

Unfortunately, U.S.-based developers proved too expensive for the company’s needs and budget. To combat this, CTO Paul Jackson turned to developers in other countries. 

He was hoping to find a cost-effective solution. Instead, what he found was an unexpected roadblock. Since Paul’s own team was based in Texas, overseas developers would have very little overlap with standard business hours.

The solution was nearshoring: a balance between the cost-effective nature of offshoring and the convenience of U.S.-based hires. Nearshore mobile app development is the way of the future: a team with cultural compatibility in a close timezone. This guaranteed that the new developers’ working hours would largely overlap with the existing team. Using Jobsity hires based in Latin America, Paul could preserve the collaborative workflow he envisioned. 


Why is Nearshore Talent the Solution?

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We were able to find the right people with the right skill sets quickly.

Paul Jackson CTO of Repair Pricer

Nearshore development allowed the Repair Pricer team to get right to work, creating an app that would revolutionize the industry. The benefits were too good to pass up: 


When it comes to cost efficiency, compared to U.S.-based developers, Paul saved 30-40% by opting for nearshore talent. Because of the savings, Paul was able to hire three total developers. His budget would have only supported two U.S.-based developers. Choosing Jobsity allowed for a 20% bump in team headcount. The increased output from an additional developer was instrumental in the success that followed. 


With the new hires integrated, Repair Pricer enjoyed the advantages of a larger development team. Thanks to the efforts of the three top-notch Jobsity developers, the crew began tackling outstanding projects efficiently and successfully. 

Today, Repair Pricer performs rolling market surveys every day—in every U.S. ZIP code—to keep labor and materials rates up to date. The learning database automatically adds the new survey data along with real-time feedback for actual job repairs from preferred partners.

In the time since onboarding the Jobsity developers, Repair Pricer managed a full-scale migration of its software to a cloud platform. In addition to the migration, the AI software’s accuracy improved dramatically. “We have gone from an accuracy of 70% to 96% in under a year—that’s unheard of in the AI industry,” says Paul. Today, the company measures 98% accuracy on its repair estimates: an incredible feat that solidifies Repair Pricer as the go-to solution for realtors and their clients.

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The Jobsity Difference


Jobsity helps you hire a deeply vetted, handpicked team without the hassle. We offer a personalized approach to expanding your staff while saving you up to 40% in hiring costs.


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