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Jobsity in Action: QA Engineer Josué
Jobsity in Action: QA Engineer Josué
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Navigating LatAm Culture | Webinar
Navigating LatAm Culture | Webinar
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With Jobsity, You Get…


End-to-end support

We’re there every step of the way, from hiring to onboarding to retention.


Access to exclusive talent

Work with the top 3% of nearshore tech talent, in your time zone.


Transparent pricing

We offer flat rates for our staff’s services. No overtime charges or hidden fees!


Risk-free trial

We want to ensure a good fit with your team, no strings attached.


Our Services

Jobsity is your ultimate end-to-end hiring solution. We find your ideal hires, on your timeline, in your budget.

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Technology Staffing Services: Software Development, Data Science, Quality Assurance, UX Design, and more.


BPO Staffing Services: Sales Support, Data Entry, Payroll, and more.


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Clients say...

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“Jobsity has been a dream partner for us. As we grow our squad, they have been attentive, and supportive, and delivered a capable and talented roster tailored to our needs. The staff we’ve added from Jobsity have become part of our growing family, and we couldn’t imagine a day without them”

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Ben Davenport

CTO, Socialive

Clients say...

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“The Jobsity team members that we work with—they are exceptional humans, wonderful teammates, and very talented developers.”

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Sarah Leeth

VP-GM, Creed Interactive

Clients say...

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“Jobsity sends us well-screened folks and helps facilitate the interview process so that it’s easy to hire great people. We’re continuing to expand our partnership with Jobsity because it’s going great.”

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Kirk Gray

VP of Engineering, McGraw Hill

Clients say...

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“Jobsity listened to our needs, found us some amazing talent and they continue to support our rapid growth…We couldn’t be happier with the partnership we have with Jobsity.”

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Jeff Jones

President & COO, Kenect

Clients say...

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“I found Jobsity’s nearshoring model to be the perfect middle ground between cost effectiveness and convenience.”

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Paul Jackson

CTO, Repair Pricer

Industries We Partner With


Custom tools can overcome challenges faced by healthcare providers, payers, and patients alike. Our IT experts can handle your evolving needs on the fly, from big data management to privacy protections.

3 Ways AI Can Rev Up Healthcare

Jobsity by the Numbers


12 years

Helping our clients achieve their most ambitious goals

2.5+ years

How long our average dev sticks with the same client

30+ countries

Where Jobsity staff operate from


How many coding languages our average dev specializes in

5+ years

The experience level of our average developer


The average number of Jobsity staff per client

With Jobsity, you get devs who are…

Committed Icon Committed
Full-time, 100% dedicated to your team and your success. No competing contracts!
long_haul Icon Long-haulers
The average Jobsity developer stays on with the same client for 2.5–3 years.
Coding_Experts Icon Coding Mavericks
The average Jobsity dev is proficient in 9+ coding languages.
Communicator Strong Communicators
We prize qualities like initiative, collaboration, and attention to detail.
culturally_flexible Icon Culturally Flexible
Jobsitizens adapt quickly to your org’s work culture and expectations.
top_notch Icon Always Evolving
Jobsity staff consistently look for opportunities to upskill and expand their competencies.