2024 Industry Report:
HealthTech x AI

Discover how you can contribute to new advances in personalized medicine.

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Automation in healthcare means more personalized healthcare. This image shows an eBook cover featuring icons of doctors and medical instruments. The title reads “2024 Industry Report: HealthTech x AI—the impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare”.
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The Future of Medicine? AI-Driven Analytics

The AI boom is paving the way for more efficient, personalized healthcare than ever before. Diagnostics, biopharma, and health management tools are three top areas for expansion. 

In this report, we explore how AI impacts modern HealthTech solutions.

You’ll learn about...

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New use cases for AI in healthcare

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The role of AI in diagnostic tools

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AI-powered advancements in biopharma & drug development

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How AI and automation are empowering health management tools

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The specialty roles you need to build these solutions yourself

Excited to bring new solutions to market? You need the right balance of speed and quality. Learn how your company can find its HealthTech niche with this 2024 report.

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