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We love Drupal and Drupal loves us. We have spent the last decade partnering with top notch agencies to deliver custom-crafted experiences built with Drupal 7 and 8. Mid-size to enterprise, classic to headless, corporate, edu or .gov, we have done it and we rock at it. We are Acquia partners and our developers Acquia certified.

The Proof

NBC Olympics
The Challenge

This project was completely executed by Code and Theory including the design, UX, and development. Jobsity provided the team of Drupal developers and tech leads under a staff-augmentation model.
NBC Sports needed to build a website that could scale and perform for millions of daily visitors. The site required custom functionality for unique content types that were being published hundreds of times a day in multiple locations. NBC was unsatisfied with their existing CMS and were looking for something new.

NBC video thumbnail
The Solution

The solution involved developing a site from scratch using Drupal. The Drupal CMS provided the best opportunity for NBC to produce thousands of unique pieces of content in various forms on a day-to-day basis. The system’s ability to scale easily without sacrificing performance made it the most viable option for the task at hand. Over the course of eighteen months, our team worked tirelessly to develop the site, which involved the creation of a number of custom functions and API integrations.

NBC Desktp
Sochi Athletes
Sochi Results
Our Role

Together with Code and Theory, our team was in charge of building the site in Drupal, creating large-scale performance optimization, customizing ad implementation, developing sitecatalyst analytics, performing Solr search integration plus real time stats and localized TV schedule implementation.

I dreamed about working on a large-scale web site like NBCSports.com. This project was challenging to say the least. Both front and back-end development had really complex requirements. Knowing I helped craft one of the top Drupal sites in 2014 - and perhaps in Drupal history - was a wonderful experience.

Alvaro Mena, Senior Drupal Developer

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