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We love Java as much as we love a good cup of coffee. We have worked with Java, delivering high-quality products to many high-tech companies, for years.  


From the famous Spring Framework to the broader J2EE universe, we offer the right solution for every business. Our nearshore Java developers are Oracle certified and very passionate about their work.

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What is Java, and What It Is Used For?

Java is a programming language that is object-oriented and class-based. The most important thing to know about Java, is that it allows you to expand your scope every time your application or development grows. It allows your projects to run on a single computer or any device you want.

Java has 2 types of categories: primitive types and reference types. Our nearshore Java developers are experts in Java and working with this programming language to its extent. 

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Why Hire a Java Developer from Jobsity?

Finding the perfect partner to accomplish your goals is essential for your business. Learn how we’ve partnered with Zebra Technologies to increase their productivity in the software development area.

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1. The Challenge

Zebra Technologies works at the forefront of data analytics and software development methodologies. With a very rich portfolio of sensor, communication, and IoT-based solutions deployed in many industries and verticals, Zebra has expanded its scope of services to new data analytic methodologies to develop solutions that provide business-aligned insights and allow their customers to become not only data-driven but also knowledge-driven. Having this in mind, Zebra needed to create a team of at least 10 senior Java developers in 3 months. 

Zebra Technologies was not able to build this team in such a short period at their headquarters because it required a lot of investment in recruitment and training; additionally, it was difficult to find the right candidates on-site. That’s why they opted to search for options to grow their development team off-site, through companies in other countries. However, they encountered other difficulties, including timezone, culture, work quality, and candidates’ skill level.

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2. The Solution

We built a plan to expand the Zebra Java Team in the needed timeframe by using our four-step process of hiring and added three Java developers every 15 days. This process guaranteed high quality of work and equipped the team with senior developers and tech leads. 

Since we are located just 4-5 hours away from the United States via airplane, as part of the process, our developers traveled to the Zebra Headquarters to begin the onboarding process and meet the team they’d be working with. This helped our developers feel as though they were part of the same team and allowed Zebra to see that they were not all that different culturally.

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3. Our Role

Zebra Technologies demands that highly talented devs be part of their development teams. This is why we have an ongoing training program for our developers which ensures they are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the technologies used by Zebra, like Elasticsearch, Spring Boot, Kafka, MongoDB, JsonLogic, Freemarker, Docker, Jenkins, and more.

Our team worked with Zebra technologies to build several features of a system that administers and monitors applications and devices for a real team. The ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) was used to monitor the logs of distributed devices in a centralized platform.

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Meet Our Talented Nearshore Java Developers

It has been a very rewarding experience to participate in such an innovative and dynamic team such as the ones put together by Zebra. It is always very interesting to take part in a product development process with very bright and talented people. Everyone’s opinions and insights are held in high regard and this motivates you to contribute and go the extra mile for the team’s success. There is no shortage of opportunities to contribute and learn, something that is very important for a life-long learner like me.

Ivan, Senior Java Developer

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