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Our first love was PHP, a beautiful web programming language. We have developed many web applications with PHP, from marketing websites to complex ERPs, APIs to CMSs, and everything in between.

We can manage any technology built-in PHP, but we are masters in Laravel and Symfony. Our nearshore developers are PHP certified and we have members of our staff that are leaders in the Laravel Community of Latin America.

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What is PHP, Why Is It Important?

PHP is a server-side programming language that has been popular with developers since it emerged in the mid-1990s. PHP is also used by nearly 80% of all websites, powering some major platforms like WordPress and Facebook.

PHP continues to evolve, and organizations are most likely to hire developers that are on top of the latest language and application updates. Are you ready to hire nearshore PHP developers to help you achieve your goals?

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    Different programming languages require long scripts, whereas PHP can do the same work just in a few lines of code. It has max control over the websites, so you can make changes easily whenever you want.

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    PHP grants users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code to anyone and for any purpose. You don't need to pay for it, you can use PHP for free.

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    Web Server Support

    PHP is compatible with almost all local servers used today like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc.

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    Platform Independent

    It means you can implement things on one machine and use them on another machine without (or with minimal) changes. PHP can be run on a wide variety of hardware platforms or software architectures.

Why Hire a PHP Nearshore Developer?

Remember: PHP is simple, it’s efficient, and it’s everywhere. But it’s also everywhere. Make sure you hire a nearshore developer to tackle your PHP needs who deeply understand the PHP landscape of today.


1. The Challenge

Lobby Twits needed a platform that will allow users to share their tweets via Twitter, using @LobbyTwits as a mention, as well as add posts via the platform. The shared information will be categorized and tagged using predetermined keywords, allowing users to easily sort and filter through the data. The users will be able to share, comment, and like the posted data. The verified platform contributors will gain a clout score, increasing the credibility of their comments and posts.

*This public application was completely executed by Dom & Tom including the design, UX, and development. Jobsity provided the team with PHP developers and tech leads under a staff-augmentation model.


2. The Solution

After some sprints of discovery, design, and development, the team implemented a platform using PHP Laravel. Users were able to register for an account and create posts about the politics and workings of the US government. Each post can be categorized into topics and users can follow topics or other users to get their posts on the homepage. Users are also able to agree, disagree, comment, share or report a post, and even tag another user in the system when they are creating a new post. Tweets that mention @lobbytwits are imported using the Twitter API.


3. Our Role

Together with Dom & Tom, our team was in charge of tech, which included, leading the project, and being part of all discovery meetings to define the cases of use and the client’s requirements for the application. Our team was also in charge of deciding which technology will be used for the project, and additionally developing the whole application.

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  • Jobsity has been a wonderful partner of ours over the years. We began our relationships as an exercise to expand our engineering team in a fiscally conservative manner. Jobsity listened to our needs, found us some amazing talent, and continued to support our rapid growth in a manner that we greatly appreciate! We could not be happier with the partnership we have with Jobsity.

    Jeff JonesKenect
  • Jobsity has been a dream partner for us. As we grow our squad, they have been attentive, supportive, and delivered a capable and talented roster tailored to our needs. The staff we’ve added from Jobsity have become part of our growing family, and we couldn’t imagine a day without them.

    Ben DavenportSocialive
  • We recently began our partnership with Jobsity and have been impressed with the quality of their candidates’ technical, communication, and team-working skills! Our team members love working with Jobsity contractors. Jobsity is a responsive and reliable partner and we’re really pleased to have found them!

    Kate HillmanAscendle

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