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At Jobsity, we take quality software seriously. We have years of experience testing all kinds of digital products such as e-books, complex modern web applications, mobile applications, REST APIs, and more. We are prepared to address your quality assurance needs from test planning to reporting.


Our QA analysts and engineers not only execute manual tests but also have a vast skill set to handle UI automation and backend tests. We are here to help you find all those bugs!

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What is QA and Why Is It Important?

Software Quality Assurance is a much-needed practice of quality testing that ensures all sites are delivering the best software developments. 

Quality is key to a product’s success. If a software program has a bug and is unreliable, or just doesn’t perform to the standards expected of it, it isn’t going to last long. And it’s going to be costly for your business or organization. 

The way we think about QA is also changing. It’s no longer just about finding and resolving defects in software products -- a necessary testing function but often kept separate from core processes and development teams. QA today is increasingly viewed as something that is fully integrated into the software development lifecycle, from design to delivery. At the same time, QA engineers have gone from playing second fiddle to orchestrating the control of quality throughout the organization. 

Learn more about the importance of QA and why you might need QA Engineers as part of your team!

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Why Hire a QA Engineer?

Here at Jobsity we take QA very seriously and make sure our experience QA engineers are involved from the very start of a new software project to ensure high performance is delivered throughout.


1. The Challenge

Zebra Technologies designed a new product for their Warehouse Solutions. They needed to scale their QA team to test the software components that are composed of a web-based dashboard that showcases the cross-dock activity in real-time and a REST API that provides location data collected by the system and that is available for the client to analyze.

QA 2

2. The Solution

We provided Zebra a Quality Assurance team to establish the testing process from scratch. Since then we’ve been working on test case documentation, test execution, and reporting for both front-end and back-end components. As the product grew in both functionality and complexity we set up an automation suite using Selenium web driver to execute regression tests on UI and make sure existing features didn’t break with new implementations. We also worked on setting up an automation suite to execute regression tests on the REST APIs using Robot Framework.

QA 3

3. Our Role

Our testers helped improve the quality of the software product by always making sure the client’s requirements are met, executing tests from a user point of view, and accurately documenting and prioritizing any error found. We even created test plans to support client demos and implementation on site.

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Working as part of the Zebra QA team has been challenging in many ways. For a complex and innovative solution like this one, you have to re-think your testing approach and be certain to cover the real-life scenarios that would matter to a cross-dock supervisor. When you are expecting to deliver software for the most important couriers in the world you know the testing process has to be neat.

David, Quality Assurance Engineer

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