React JS

Managing the state and rendering of complex UI interfaces inside browsers was a complex process in the past. React was conceived as a solution for that problem, and we “reacted” in the best way possible: In love! Our team of developers take advantage of the huge ecosystem that has been growing around React to develop Declarative, Component-Based, Highly Scalable and Maintainable UI experiences for enterprise clients around the world.

The Proof

Real World React
The Challenge

The designs and UX were created by Real World React and the development was executed by Jobsity.
Real World React, a firm specializing in modern front-end tools, needed to build a website to show its services and contents in the JavaScript and React community. The project was required to be open source and “perfectly crafted” with the best tools and practices so people could review the source code. Time was a constraint since there were only 4 weeks to complete everything.

React World React Home
The Solution

With our best tools at hand, we decided to use React for the components architecture, JSS (a CSS in JS solution) for the styling, Gatsby as the static site generator and Netlify as the platform to build, deploy, and manage the site. We split the project in 4 deliverables and worked hard to design and develop it from scratch with the best practices in front-end development.

Our Role

Together with Real World React, our team was in charge of defining and designing the best software solution for the site, developing daily code reviews, and checking carefully that everything was structured and working as expected.

Real World React Talks
Real World React Team was an interesting project where we worked with pretty exciting technologies and tools. The site could be used to show the talks, podcasts, events, and other resources from the organization to the community and that was something inspiring. Since the code of the project was open source, we invested time in making it perfect for anyone interested in checking it out.

Romel, Senior JavaScript Engineer

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