The Secret Behind Jobsity's Success: Excellent Customer Service

Since the beginning, Jobsity has been concerned with treating its clients well. We've always gone beyond the typical customer-seller relationship. That's why we put effort into ensuring our clients feel like we're their partners, and that they know their goals are also ours.For this reason, from the very first day with a new customer, we do our best to strengthen that relationship.Today we'll be talking a bit about this. We’ll host a conversation with our COO, Santiago, our HR Manager, Daniela, and our VP of sales, John. Welcome guys.
In this episode we will talk about:
  • The hiring/contact process for clients.
  • How we know the client's needs
  • How we measure our developers' performance while they are working on a client's project
  • Feedback culture.
  • How we know that our customers' needs are being met
  • What is "Jobsity Material"?
  • Our experience working with NBC.

Listen to the episode here:

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