The Hidden Benefits of Hiring Nearshore Talent

Written by Jenna Stanfield
Direct Staffing
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It’s official: nearshore staffing is the name of the game for tech companies who want to get ahead in the most demanding marketplace we’ve ever seen. As the Global Software Engineering Market continues to expand at a CAGR of 11.8% in 2024, businesses are embracing global solutions. 

It’s not enough to just produce; you have to incorporate the latest features, the most interoperability and integration, the highest standards. And for that, you need developers who aren’t only professionals, but experts—and the highest headcount possible. 

When comparing hiring models, nearshore talent comes out on top, every time. It’s the perfect balance of cost and convenience. You end up with a diverse, dynamic, developed team at a fraction of the cost of onshore hires. 

There’s a pervasive idea in the industry that direct hiring is the best option: why not cut out the middleman? Why go through a staffing firm when you could, instead, directly hire a Latin American developer? 

But it’s not so easy, is it? It’s not just about the hiring itself, you’ve got to actually work with these people too—often for years and across projects. There are complications when it comes to working with overseas contractors, complexities you might not have even considered. 

So today, we’re putting on our mythbusting hats. We’re going to show you all the hidden benefits of working with a nearshore direct staffing partner. It’s the best way to build a strong, reliable team with a foundation you can trust.

Let’s get started.

1) Accountability In Hiring Practices

The first thing to consider when working with individual contractors is the level of accountability your company has for them from day one. You need a solid vetting process, including background checks and employment/education verification, to make sure you’re hiring qualified and trustworthy people. You need to incorporate them into your team and check on their progress. 

You essentially have to treat them as though you’re onboarding full-fledged members of your company, so they can give full-fledged performances. After all, they represent your business, right?

That’s a lot of work, time, and cost. It becomes especially complicated when taking into account the tech turnover rate of 13.2%. When you hire directly, you run the risk of having to hire again and again. Direct staffing firms are the solution—and we know it firsthand.

When you’re working with a reliable staffing partner, you’ll see an established framework. Jobsity’s developed that over the past 13 years. We take all of the hiring off your plate, so to speak. Instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes to hire five developers, you work with one staffing partner who does it all for you (with no added fees). 

And it goes even further: we take accountability for your hires, too. We’re there to support you if you need to scale up your team. You have one point of contact for those back-of-the-business questions. It’s all in one place, so you can focus on getting to know your new team members instead of endless paperwork. 

Your new devs aren’t the only extension of your team: Jobsity is, too. We provide a built-in network of support for your talent—and your business. 

And the numbers pan out. McKinsey surveys show that companies with strong accountability frameworks are 1.5 times more likely to achieve above-average financial performance. Jobsity provides that framework for you. We’ve taken the time to find and deliver developers who consistently produce high-quality work—which means better outcomes for your projects.

2) Data Protection

When hiring an individual contractor, you run the risk that your company’s IP isn’t protected or controlled, especially during the pre-contract period. Things slip through the cracks! And then there’s the chance that your candidate won’t even make it through the vetting process. It’s another reason to go with a reliable staffing firm instead of the direct hire route.

At Jobsity, we take data security very seriously—and we understand that protecting data requires a personal approach. We work with every client to understand their unique security requirements. This helps us follow industry best practices so every element of your data and brand is protected.

It’s not just a matter of principle, either: data breaches are financially disastrous. According to the 2023 IBM Cost of Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach was $4.45 million. Jobsity mitigates this risk, giving peace of mind—and a single point of data transmission instead of multiple direct hires.

3) Cultural Expertise

It’s one of the hardest parts of working with out-of-country team members: cultural differences. Understanding cultural nuances is, of course, the key to successful collaboration. The difficulty’s amplified when you’ve hired multiple people in different time zones, from different countries. It’s another place where nearshoring shines—and direct staffing firms are the answer.

Jobsity bridges the gap between Latin American and American business practices, supporting better communication and teamwork. We know the importance of a diverse team: we are one!  We’re a real-life example of the data: culturally diverse teams are 35% more likely to outperform their peers. Jobsity’s a combined group from Latin America, the U.S., and Europe, so we know best how to support your company in working with distributed teams. We’ve literally written the guide

And it’s one of our biggest points of pride: we vet for cultural competency as well as high technical skill standards. Jobsity hires seamlessly integrate into your existing teams, allowing for collaboration and driving project success. They’re your new full-time staff and they’re as excited to be there as you are to have them! 

4) Equipment Management and Security

So you’ve hired someone from a LATAM country and they’re ready to start work—but they need company-approved equipment. What are you going to do, just send a box overseas with a company computer and hope it ends up with the right user? And what about getting that computer back at the end of your contract? 

Sending equipment to Latin America independently can be risky. Working with Jobsity eliminates this concern. We have the built-in infrastructure necessary to handle the logistics, saving you up to a staggering 20% of setup time and resources. And we’re liable for it, too: Jobsity guarantees that you don’t face issues related to lost or damaged equipment.

Another option is to let us handle all of your new hire’s equipment needs: we can provide the necessary tech and send it directly. This option ensures that your Latin American team members have everything they need—at no risk to you.  

5) Single Point of Contact

And we come to the question of contracts. When you’re working with direct hires, you’re also working with multiple contracts, sometimes 3-4 per hire. You need an independent contractor agreement, data protection policy, liability waivers, work agreements—and more. 

It’s cumbersome, to say the least. And IC laws vary country to country, making it even more complicated. For every single form, you need to individually contact your direct hire.

Instead, go with a direct staffing partner! Jobsity gives you a single point of contact for all those “before they start” details—and beyond. We streamline communication and problem-solving. You have consistent support from a known entity: a client success manager who works with you from contract to conclusion.  

It’s another opportunity for simplification: instead of 10 different hires, you’re working with one, single agency. You contract through us, we handle the complex up-front needs of different hires—and different countries. All you have to do is watch your team grow. 

6) Financial Transactions and Local Payments

Handling payments overseas is complicated at best and a huge risk at worst. When going the direct hire route, you’re facing currency exchanges, fees, and regulatory issues. Not to mention the hidden costs involved with international transfers: you’re looking at up to 5%

Why add that to your plate? Jobsity manages all financial transactions within the United States, so you’ll have a clear and straightforward billing process. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with international transactions AND streamlines your finances in one swoop. 

7) Liability Management

We’ve talked a lot about how Jobsity takes on the liability instead of making your company assume it, but let’s talk numbers. Research from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that outsourcing can reduce legal and compliance risks by up to 60%. 60%! That’s a huge load off your shoulders! 

When partnering with Jobsity, you don’t have to worry about the responsibilities and risks associated with direct hires. We hold ourselves accountable for how our developers perform and conduct themselves, offering legal and operational protections. It lets you and your new team get back to the work that matters: development, creativity, and innovation. 

8) Superior Client Experience

There are no guarantees when it comes to hiring directly, especially when you’re working with independent contractors. You’re essentially bringing on multiple new business partners, working, navigating, and negotiating through complex and diverse needs. Maybe they haven’t worked independently before. They might be a great dev, but who knows how capable they are at handling the business side? 

It’s another place where Jobsity shines. We have a track record of company excellence and it’s not for nothing. We’re dedicated to providing client support you can count on. We’re here for you, working through your questions and concerns, giving you a friendly face in a time of transition. It’s more than customer service: it’s peace of mind. 

It’s a No-Brainer: Partner with Jobsity.

Working with Jobsity is infinitely better than hiring directly: you have no risk, more time, and you avoid shady financial and data transactions. Our accountability practices are second to none and we know first-hand how to handle a diverse team for the best results. 

Best of all? We’re reliable. We’re there for you every step of the way, from your first call through the years of our partnership. Jobsity’s more than a company, we’re an extension of your organization and community. We believe in your success and want to support it. 

We have the best candidates on the block and the track record to prove it: devs to meet every need your business has, now and in the future. From every mainstream programming language to Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Graphic Design, and more, we’re there for you. 

Why not give us a try? Your risk free trial’s just a friendly call away. 

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Written by Jenna Stanfield

Jenna has a diverse professional background, including over 20 years of human services and mental health experience. She’s qualified as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). Over the last 7+ years, she’s built her career working in consulting and business development, helping IT leaders scale their teams efficiently and affordably. As a leader of global teams, she knows first hand how to maximize the potential in a distributed team model. Her goal is to support individuals and teams in surpassing their goals to become the best versions of themselves.

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