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Written by Tamar Peterson
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 Our Jobsity in Action series showcases the work of our software developers, UI designers, & BPO staff for Jobsity clients.

We sat down with Luis, one of Jobsity’s senior data engineers for our client Avenue 8. Avenue 8 is a company that specializes in providing real estate data analytics. As of July 2023, Luis has been working with them for about four months, so we wanted to hear from him about his current projects, his experience working with technologies like AWS and Python, and what he brings to the table as a Jobsitizen. Let's take a look.  

Interview with Luis at Avenue 8

Tamar Peterson: Luis, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and chat about your work. To kick us off, can you talk a little bit about what Avenue 8 is and what they specialize in?

Luis: Avenue 8 is a startup that specializes in the real estate market. More specifically, they create solutions to assist real estate agents in their jobs, by getting insights from data.

TP: What project did they initially hire you for?

L: I've been hired to assist them on this market reports project they have. The idea is to generate data reports with metrics and insights for the agents, based on specific markets that Avenue 8 works in—mostly California. So we have a platform that generates reports based on each region, with different metrics.

TP: How did your technical skills make you a perfect match for this reporting project?

L: I brought lots of experience with data engineering, Python, Airflow, and projects similar to what Avenue 8 wanted to develop. Those things made me a good fit for this project and exactly what they were looking for.

TP: Can you talk about what skills you've picked up during your time at Avenue 8?

L: The team wrote part of their data platform in Rust, a language I wasn’t familiar with. So I've been taking some time to learn it and it's a pretty cool language. Something new to add to my resume!

TP: Is there anything you’d like to learn in the future?

L: It would be really cool to get more used to AWS. I've worked with other cloud providers in the past but this is my first time working with AWS. I've been navigating it pretty well but I want to dive in deeper.

TP: How has AI impacted your work, or how it might impact your work in the future?

L: I think tools like ChatGPT can help us with brainstorming solutions and identifying problems. It makes it easier for you to have a starting point, instead of having to research and go through a bunch of threads to find the correct solution. That's how I think AI has been impacting our work, and I think the usefulness of ChatGPT and AI as a whole will just get better in the future.

I recently used AI to develop an idea for Avenue 8’s recent Hackathon. Essentially, I created a real-time data visualization tool, a web dashboard that’s easy for users to navigate. It’s based on the current pre-generated reports that we send to our clients. But my AI version provides prompts for users to choose from, then uses ChatGPT to generate the output, based on real-time insights.

TP: What do you enjoy about working with Avenue 8?

L: I really like the people! Everyone is always very helpful. I was very well received there. Everyone's always ready to help, always ready to check and assist you with anything you need. It's been really cool.

TP: That's wonderful to hear. Is there any specific feedback you've gotten from the team?

L: With these data reports I've been working on, we have lots of challenges with the data providers, like how the data is being sent or finding occasional errors. So one piece of feedback I’ve gotten is that I've been getting around these issues really well. When I onboarded, I understood these issues quickly and learned how to tackle these problems from the get-go.

TP: What do you bring to the table as a member of Jobsity working for Avenue 8? How do you view yourself as a Jobsitizen in this environment?

L: I think it's pretty cool working with Avenue 8 and getting practice with different projects. I really like how Jobsity opens up opportunities to get new experiences. It’s also been cool to interact with other Jobsitizens at my work, and even the ones who aren’t with my client. It's a pretty good experience!

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