Jobsity in Action: Tati, Organizational Development Coordinator

Written by Tamar Peterson
Jobsity in Action
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Jobsity in Action showcases the amazing work being done by our staff. This image shows a photo of Tati, who’s featured in this interview. Her title, “Organizational Development Coordinator,” is listed below her name.

At Jobsity, we believe in fostering an environment where each staff member can thrive, grow, and contribute their unique talents to our team’s success. To get more insight on this topic, I sat down with Tati, who leads our professional development initiatives, to learn about her own career path and work at Jobsity.

Tati's journey to her current role as the Organizational Development Coordinator at Jobsity is a testament to her passion for learning and self-improvement. These values inform her work at Jobsity, where she fosters the growth of our international staff.

For emerging professionals pursuing a career in learning and development, Tati offers this advice: know yourself, cultivate your emotional intelligence, embrace change, and be proactive in seeking out new opportunities to learn.

At Jobsity, we're not just building a workforce; we're nurturing a community of lifelong learners, innovators, and changemakers. Want to join our team? Apply on our careers site.

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Written by Tamar Peterson

Tamar Peterson is a digital marketer with a background in copywriting, arts programming, and public education. Her work has included teaching writing to diverse groups, advancing employment equity within corporate culture, and serving as an editor for critically acclaimed literary magazines. Tamar is currently the Content Marketing Leader at Jobsity, where she crafts messaging and manages performance of marketing initiatives, sales communications, and the company brand.

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