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Written by Tamar Peterson
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Our Jobsity in Action series showcases the work of our software developers, UI designers, & BPO staff for Jobsity clients. Hire dedicated Angular developers today!

We sat down with Eduardo, one of Jobsity’s full stack PHP developers, who works with our client ServiceCore. ServiceCore provides comprehensive waste management solutions. Eduardo’s been working with them for about six months.

We wanted to chat with Eduardo about his current projects, his experiences working with technologies like Angular and PHP, and what he brings to the table as a Jobsitizen.

How Eduardo Contributes to ServiceCore’s Waste Management SaaS

Eduardo praises ServiceCore's SaaS application, which provides sanitization solutions to businesses. The platform allows ServiceCore to streamline operations like managing driver routes, updating inventory, and handling invoicing. Ultimately, the platform reduces costs, time, and energy across the board.

Eduardo has also proven to be a fantastic fit for ServiceCore’s work environment. His strong communication, adaptability, and desire to learn all make him a valuable asset to the team.

What Made Eduardo a Perfect Match for ServiceCore

His willingness to embrace new technologies, like Angular and Laminas, makes Eduardo an excellent full stack developer. Even though his expertise was in PHP, Eduardo recognized that he needed to step up his Angular skills because it’s a vital tool for his client. ServiceCore’s trust in Eduardo’s ability to level up motivates him to excel further.

Looking ahead, Eduardo would like to develop his front-end skills, get more experience running tests, and work a bit with React.

At Jobsity, we take pride in our partnership with ServiceCore and other industry leaders optimizing supply chains, distribution routes, and inventory management. We help make this happen by providing talented developers—like Eduardo—who come with a host of valuable skills and the drive to level up.

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Written by Tamar Peterson

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