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Written by Donna Kmetz
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Despite the tech industry’s recent challenges, HealthTech remains a beacon of opportunity. In a post-pandemic era, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in HealthTech has revolutionized diagnostics. It’s also opened up new avenues for personalized treatment plans, predictive analytics, and responsible innovation. 

Post-2023 layoffs, tech companies face a surge in demand for HealthTech solutions —posing renewed obstacles in meeting demand with reduced staff.

Strategic leaders in the tech sector recognize the potential for growth. They’re turning their attention to hiring methods that will not only support immediate needs but also contribute to long-term resilience.

As companies embrace alternative team-building approaches, the HealthTech sector provides a fertile ground for talent acquisition. The synergy between the recovering tech industry and the thriving HealthTech sector positions skilled professionals at the forefront of innovation

It’s vital that new teams are equipped to address challenges such as data security, compliance with regulations, and cost-effectiveness.

As we move into a new world of increasing functionality and potential, let’s ask the right questions. What can software development companies contribute to the HealthTech industry? How should they add talent? And—most importantly—how do we build teams that last

We’re addressing the top industry issues, challenges, and solutions with subject matter experts: 

  • Vanessa Romero is the head of Talent Acquisition at Jobsity. Her background in psychology gives her a unique perspective on hiring processes in the tech industry. 
  • Roopam Kakoti comes to us from Gestalt Diagnostics. As the VP of Product Engineering (and with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software development, delivery, and support), he’s well-positioned to give us on-the-ground insights.
  • Dr. Noreen Butte is the Senior Physician Executive/Healthcare & Life Sciences at Oracle. She’s a leader and innovator in the HealthTech arena, having guided teams through discovery, development, and implementation of groundbreaking technologies. Dr. Butte is also part of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Physician Committee.  

Join us for our March 2024 HealthTech Webinar, How to Hire Top Tech Talent, on Monday, March 11 at 3:30 PM EST. Sign up today! 

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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