New Jobsity Guide: How to Choose the Right Hiring Strategy for Your Team

Written by Donna Kmetz
Direct Staffing
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Jobsity’s new guide helps you compare hiring strategies, direct staffing solutions, and global staffing services. This image shows the cover of the ebook, featuring a cityscape with the title superimposed.

In the aftermath of 2023 downsizing, the tech industry’s confronting fresh challenges in meeting demands. As economists predict a lower risk of recession and a potential comeback in 2024, alternative team-building becomes crucial. Enter Jobsity’s 2024 Guide to Hiring Strategies. 

Designed to help you find the right talent at the right time, this ebook explores the impact of remote work protocols on hiring trends—and how a direct hire staffing agency can help you bypass hiring hurdles. When it comes to hiring, your chosen strategy should support your company’s success, both today and tomorrow. 

The guide explains three ways to grow your team: hiring onshore, offshore, and nearshore. We’ll talk about what goes into each of these solutions, laying out the pros and cons to help you determine your needs. Financial insights include salary ranges across different regions, while considering workflow and its impact on company culture and convenience.

Ready to align your hiring methods with your company goals? Need to know how to hire developers for a startup? Jumpstart the process with Jobsity’s new guide.

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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