Fast Facts: Top 8 EdTech Trends Supercharging Schools

Written by Donna Kmetz
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It’s time for a Fast Fact rundown before we launch our latest deep dive! This week, we’re tackling EdTech app development and how it’s dominating the education industry. 

It’s no secret that educational technology research and development is one of the fastest growing fields on the market. As schools race to find the most innovative ways to encourage and inspire their students, developers have their hands full. The surging demand offers both opportunities and challenges. 

The latest global EdTech market outlook shows a staggering 99% increase in K12 edtech usage since 2020–and it’s rising. This isn’t just child’s play, either. Over 70% of colleges are preparing to launch new online undergrad programs in the next three years. The $430 billion industry is expected to reach over $605 billion by 2027. 

What are the hottest trends on the market today? How can your team contribute to this education evolution? Let’s take a look. 

What Are the Top 8 EdTech Trends to Watch in 2023?

  1. AI-Based Tutoring: AI-based tutoring allows every student access to a world-class virtual tutor, saving time and resources in the classroom. AI tutors are designed to help a student lead themselves to a solution, rather than give it outright. 

  2. Immersive Tech and VR: Headsets, combined with VR/immersive tech apps, give students new perspectives on existing content. With the swipe of a screen, a learner can rotate a 3D object, expand an element, or find new information. 

  3. Assistive Technology: Assistive tech is especially helpful for students with extra support needs and disabilities. Auto-captioning and audio transcription, note summarizers, and lesson recording help learners overcome classroom challenges and stay with their peers.

  4. Gamification: Kids learn best through play and incorporating classic game elements cuts down on study time, improves retention, and encourages engagement. AI gamification lets students earn points and badges for improving their skill levels and quiz results. 

  5. Autonomous Pace: Autonomous pace technology meets students where they are, letting them move through pre-assigned modules at their own speed. Learners can focus on their interests and choose a learning order that works for their style. 

  6. Adaptive Learning: In a crowded class, how can a teacher be expected to teach the same lesson to everyone? Adaptive learning tech automatically raises or lowers the lesson complexity so all students are supported at their level. 

  7. Emotional Regulation: A study by American Addiction Centers shows that 88% of college students need help developing healthy college coping mechanisms. This also applies to elementary kids through their early development. Emotional regulation apps help form beneficial habits, such as deep breaths, meditation, and hydration, to combat stress. 

  8. Socratic Dialogue: Socratic dialogue is a form of conversation in which a student is prompted to ask themselves questions. The objective is that they lead themselves to an ultimate answer. Socratic Dialogue is an advanced GPT-4 model that converses like never before, letting students guide themselves through personal challenges. 

How Can Software Teams Keep Advancing Progress?

EdTech is a booming industry, but still relatively new. We’ve given you a fast sense of the scope. For more info, check out our in-depth investigation of how tech teams can develop innovative student solutions.

Every area needs refinement and creative new solutions to age-old classroom problems. How do we engage students? How can machine learning development services help improve their outcomes? How can we help all the apps already on the market communicate effectively to form cohesive education strategies? 

Your idea could be the key–now you need the staff to make it a reality. 

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