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How Creed Interactive Exceeded Expectations Dramatically
in One Year - And Went to the Next Level

With Jobsity, Creed Interactive's internal team improved productivity resulting in exponentially increasing profit margins.

The Client

Creed Interactive is a web design company that provides digital solutions to support businesses with their strategy, web design, and web development endeavors. Formed in 2007, the company’s core values of ingenuity, dedication, and mutual respect pervades when providing clients with senior-level talent. Creed Interactive has worked with companies across the US on projects including open-source content management systems, web applications, e-commerce platforms, and other custom projects.

The Challenge

To meet the demand for their digital solution services, Creed Interactive needed to increase the size of their development team. But using the offshoring model was impractical for their situation. They struggled to make day-to-day work efficient because of scheduling conflicts caused by being in different time zones. They needed to find another solution. They needed nearshore devs.

The Goal

They were looking to add team members that were both cost affordable and in a similar time zone. As the company grows, this new, augmented team would ideally be able to meet the increasing demands for Creed Interactive’s services.

The Execution (Solution)

Jobsity’s nearshoring model gave Creed Interactive three expert developers from a roster of the top 3% of IT talent across Latin America. They performed at the same level of proficiency as onshore devs but for a cost affordable price. This solution also helped avoid the time zone conflicts that came with offshoring.

  • Leveraging nearshore talent has helped us improve margins, while still maintaining excellent quality work by extraordinary talent.

    Sarah LeethVP- GM Creed Interactive

  • Overall our team productivity has increased as we have been able to promote some of our internal team members to take on more leadership roles by adding Jobsity staff.

    Sarah LeethVP- GM Creed Interactive

  • Overall, we have been impressed by the Jobsity team members that we work with—they are exceptional humans, wonderful teammates, and very talented developers.

    Sarah LeethVP- GM Creed Interactive

Nearshore talent supports massive company scaling

Creed Interactive was able to save on hiring costs with the nearshore model. This gave the company the chance to add more Jobsity devs to the internal team than originally planned. The enhanced team was able to meet the company’s “just-in-time” needs and adapts to new challenges that came with scaling up. This led to the team exceeding the company’s expectations dramatically in one year—and helped take the company to the next level.

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