Jobsity in Action: WordPress Developer Rodrigo

Our Jobsity in Action series showcases the work of our software developers, QA engineers, and data scientists for Jobsity clients. Hire dedicated WordPress developers today!

At a critical point of growth? Quickly finding the right talent you need can make all the difference. You need to advertise your products in an appealing, accessible way. And for many businesses, this means you need a WordPress developer to build a website that looks great and works well.

Creed Interactive is a digital agency specializing in design, web development, and other custom solutions. A couple years ago, Creed Interactive was in a major growth phase—and they needed to scale up their web capabilities fast.

“As we continue to scale we need reliable, affordable, and quality development team members, and Jobsity’s team definitely exceeded our expectations.”

—Sarah Leeth, VP-GM of Creed Interactive

Rodrigo, one of Jobsity’s WordPress developers, has been working with Creed for a year and a half. In this interview, we spoke about Rodrigo’s sharp technical skills and how he’s a flexible, committed team player. 

Custom Websites for Real People

Rodrigo's debut project at Creed Interactive was an extensive marketing website, lasting over a year. This endeavor allowed him to delve deep into WordPress, from front-end adjustments to custom features like PDF generators. For Rodrigo, what sets Creed Interactive apart is their "people-first" culture, prioritizing employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

A WordPress Whiz

As a WordPress developer, Rodrigo's core focus lies in crafting user-friendly websites. His toolkit includes PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, and accessibility concerns. But more than his technical skills, it’s his clear communication and team spirit that make him a valuable developer at Creed Interactive.

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AI-Accelerated Web Coding

Rodrigo has embraced AI tools in his work, including GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT. GitHub Copilot accelerates coding by offering intelligent code suggestions, while ChatGPT aids in navigating complex processes and learning new technologies efficiently.

Supported & Challenged to Grow

Rodrigo isn’t just a developer; he’s an integral part of the Jobsity team. One of the things Rodrigo most appreciates about Jobsity is how we encourage continuous growth and professional development. The recruitment experience, while rigorous, is also supportive and encouraging.

Ultimately, while Rodrigo is not an “in-house” hire at Creed, he shares common ground with his U.S. colleagues. Their camaraderie comes easily, and it makes for even better teamwork. 

Jobsity’s work with clients like Creed Interactive show how we handpick talent to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a client or a Jobsitizen, we set you up for success, today and tomorrow.

“We have been impressed by the Jobsity team members that we work with—they are exceptional humans, wonderful teammates, and very talented developers.”

—Sarah Leeth, VP-GM of Creed Interactive

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