Introducing the Newest Jobsity E-book: “The Complete Guide to Combating the IT Talent Shortage in Your Business”

Written by Andres Garzon

Jobsity has been working in the field of nearshore staffing for over a decade. We’ve supplied skilled developers to top companies across North America and we’ve done so in lean times and in peak times, across industries, and across nearly all sectors of technology and for all programming and IT needs (from Java to data science, from Python to Javascript).

So when we say that today is a unique moment -- a moment when IT Talent is in extremely high demand, and also extremely difficult to source -- we aren’t just talking. We’re speaking from a depth of meaningful experience. In fact, we’re speaking from a place of expertise.

Which is why we’ve put together a short (free!) ebook on how your business can combat the IT Talent Shortage. And when we say “combat,” we don’t mean fight a losing battle. No. We mean not let it derail your business at all: not its growth, not its scaling, not its success, and not its revenue.

In short, despite any challenges that your business, or the economy in general, may be facing, you shouldn’t let the IT talent shortage be a reason to slow down or fail to meet your goals: and Jobsity can help.

Below is a sneak peek of what this ebook has in store -- but don’t just read the summary. We recommend you download the whole thing and dig in right away.

And if you have any questions -- or are ready to add top LATAM developer talent to your team today -- don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re standing by and eager to help you combat the IT shortage with top, English-fluent IT talent working remotely from across Latin America.

Understanding the IT Talent Shortage in the US

This ebook opens by outlining what the IT talent shortage itself is, sharing facts and figures that illustrate the scope of the problem and exploring factors that led us here.

Globally, virtually every industry is facing some kind of talent shortage. Despite claims that machines and robots would soon take jobs from skilled workers, the current reality is that there simply aren’t enough employees to fill the roles needed by the global economy. But IT is being hit especially hard -- and because top companies like Google, Facebook and Apple are able to pay extremely high prices for talent, smaller, younger, or more price-conscious companies can often get stuck struggling to fill their teams.

And without a top development team, smaller companies are unable to stake their claims in the industry, and as a consequence may fold, fail to obtain funding, or never reach their true potential.

Why is this happening?

We all know tech has been advancing at a remarkable rate over the last forty years. New programming languages, new devices, new interfaces, and even entirely new industries have been born of these advancements—and with each leap in growth and development so has a new need for IT talent been born.

And yet, today’s training and schooling opportunities simply aren’t keeping up.

In the US, there were 1.4 million unfilled computer science roles at the end of 2020. At the same time, computer science graduates totaled 400,000 per year—and new grads aren’t typically qualified for the types of high-level roles that employers are desperately looking to fill.

As such, the US alone can’t staff the IT needs of the US, and despite being the world’s greatest site of new technology and tech business, the US will fall behind and never reach its potential without looking outside its borders for the staffing required to optimize this growth.

And this was all the status quo before COVID-19.

Now, two years into the pandemic, we’ve seen only an acceleration of this dynamic. Now, with the “Great Resignation” or “Great Reshuffling”—both terms used to describe the phenomenon by which employees are leaving current roles to pursue new opportunities—we have seen even more shifting priorities for today’s employees and it has exacerbated the IT talent shortage to a still greater degree.

Gone are the days when employers had the upper hand and only needed to provide the bare minimum to keep employees around. Now, companies must offer compelling reasons for employees to stick around, and exciting opportunities for employees to join them. And this is nowhere more true than in IT and tech.

Is Your Business Being Affected by the IT Talent Shortage?

In short: yes. It is. But to what degree? And how to be sure?

In our ebook, we explore a series of questions you can ask of your business to ensure you know this with concrete veracity. These days, whether you experience long hiring timelines for IT roles, lowered expectations for IT candidates, or increased expectations for benefits and workplace perks, it’s virtually impossible to source world-class tech candidates without being subjected to the market’s demands.

Questions explored with precision and depth in the ebook will both help you ascertain the degree to which you're being impacted by the shortage and give you tools to combat it. Here’s a sneak peek of some of those questions:

  • Are you able to find qualified applicants for your open IT roles?
  • Have you started hiring freelancers or contractors to complete IT functions instead of in-house employees?
  • Are your tech employees averaging shorter tenures with your organization than non-tech employees?
  • Have you increased salary ranges and benefits packages for IT employees?
  • Have you deprioritized tech-related projects because you don’t have the internal resources to succeed?

If you’re answering yes to any of the above, head over and download the ebook now, and explore what that “yes” means and what to do about it.

How to Combat the IT Talent Shortage…

Not only does it go into greater detail on the above sections—what the IT talent shortage in the US, how we got to where we are, and what you can do to ensure your company isn’t being held back by the shortage—but it also provides concrete strategies you can enact today to ensure you’re combating the shortage and doing the best for your bottom line.

Don’t hesitate; your impact may be suffering without you even knowing it. And Jobsity can help. In fact, we’d love to. Get in touch!


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Written by Andres Garzon

Andres was born in Quito, Ecuador, where he was raised with an appreciation for cultural exchange. After graduating from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, he worked for a number of companies in the US, before earning his MBA from Fordham University in New York City. While a student, he noticed there was a shortage of good programmers in the United States and an abundance of talented programmers in South America. So he bet everything on South American talent and founded Jobsity -- an innovative company that helps US companies hire and retain Latin American programmers.