Lunch & Learn with Jobsity: Beyond the Code

Written by Donna Kmetz
Professional Development
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Lunch & Learn with Jobsity Beyond the Code

Welcome to this month’s Lunch & Learn, where Jobsity invites specialized members of our team to share their knowledge! It’s an excellent opportunity for developers to come together and learn about the tech industry.

This month’s meeting was hosted by Camilla Rodriguez, a multimedia engineer, Scrum Master, and project manager. She offered her expertise on the topic of changing positions from software development roles to leading teams in project management. Her talk covered everything from Agile continuous improvement principles to APM-defined essentials and personal success stories.

Every project manager should have a toolkit of vital skills—but they don’t always come easy. It takes time to build communication, organization, risk-management, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities. Camilla walked us through the process of transitioning from development to management, emphasizing the need for continuous learning. She suggests a variety of resources to help you succeed, including books, certifications, courses, and groups like Toastmasters.

Taking what you’ve learned from your past work experiences into your future roles can only help you become a well-rounded leader. Camilla’s own example gives valuable insight into how you can leverage your abilities to achieve your career goals.

Didn’t have time to catch it live? We’ve got you covered. In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • How to be a leader at work
  • The key responsibilities of a project manager
  • Skills to help you advance in the workplace
  • Considerations for making a career change 
  • Project management challenges and solutions
  • The rewards of a job well done

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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