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Written by Tamar Peterson
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Our Jobsity in Action series showcases the work of our software developers, UI designers, & BPO staff for Jobsity clients. Hire dedicated QA testers today!

Finding the right talent can make all the difference for companies aiming to enhance their Quality Assurance (QA) processes, implement healthcare automation solutions, and improve interoperability in healthcare.

Gestalt Diagnostics is dedicated to transforming anatomic pathology laboratories into automated digital workflows. Their enterprise solutions reduce error rates and empower pathologists to generate objective, reproducible results.

Josué, one of Jobsity’s senior QA engineers, has been working with Gestalt for almost two years—and he’s played a vital role in developing their automated solutions. In this interview, we spoke about Josué’s work on diagnostic interoperability and automation, how he develops test cases for API security, and what he brings to the table as a Jobsitizen.

Empowering Streamlined Lab Work

Josué’s work focuses on developing Pathflow, Gestalt’s software platform for pathology labs. While his work enables better healthcare solutions, Josué also values Gestalt’s work culture: open communication, teammate support, and clear workflows are the norm. Josué believes it’s a workplace where you’re always encouraged to contribute and improve.

Leveraging Josué’s Versatile Skills

Enhancing Pathflow’s interoperability means continually adding new features and models. Josué uses JavaScript to test Pathflow’s automations and Postman for APIs. But ultimately, Josué believes attention to detail is his most valuable skill as a QA. This has led to Josué stepping into project management, which he hopes to eventually hone in graduate school.

Mastering the Art of Quality Assurance

Out of all the types of QA testing, Josué primarily conducts regression tests, which ensure that new updates and features do not disrupt Pathflow’s functionality. While his degree in system engineering and product development provided a strong foundation for his work, Josué’s extensive hands-on experience enabled him to become a Lead QA Engineer, a cut above the rest.

The Intersection of AI x QA

AI has been a game-changer in Josué’s workflow. AI tools have significantly sped up tasks like detecting UX differences between software versions, reducing the time required for testing.

Of course, when it comes to healthcare tools, incorrect results can have serious consequences. As a responsible steward of sensitive health information, Josué is cautious about integrating AI into more aspects of testing, but he recognizes its potential to revolutionize processes in other sectors.

Thriving as a Jobsitizen

As a Jobsity engineer, Josué brings credibility, professionalism, and exceptional talent to the table. He's proud to be an example of how Latin American professionals can provide superior value to U.S. companies seeking top-notch talent.

Josué says “I will always be grateful because Jobsity took me out of my comfort zone. . . . I’m always grateful that Jobsity let me understand that I can do more.”

Jobsity’s work with clients like Gestalt Diagnostics shows how world-class talent can help transform healthcare automation solutions and elevate QA processes.

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Written by Tamar Peterson

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