Bridging Cultures, Uniting Teams: Kenect's Staff Retreat with Jobsity

Written by Tamar Peterson
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Bridging Cultures, Uniting Teams Kenect_s Staff Retreat with Jobsity_In

Remote But Connected

There are plenty of upsides to leveraging remote work for your company. But without proper care, your distributed team can struggle to maintain camaraderie, shared values, and collaboration. Team cohesion doesn’t always come easy.

For businesses like Kenect, which specializes in business reputation management, team cohesion is essential to delivering high quality services. When they began looking for a staffing firm, they knew cultural alignment and teamsmanship were top priorities.

That’s why Kenect chose Jobsity.

Nearshore software development services. This is a cartoon of a cityscape featuring three highrises.

What They Do: Kenect is a SAAS company that leverages enhanced SMS services to “transform customer communication for businesses.

Hire react developers. This icon is a cartoon of a candidate's resume.

Who They Hired: Senior React developers, Java back-end developers, front-end development experts, and other IT roles.

Uniting Vision with Talent

Kenect has been a Jobsity partner since January 2019. The synergy between our two companies has surpassed run-of-the-mill staffing dynamics.

Twenty-two hires sourced by Jobsity have served on Kenect's teams. Of those twenty-two, fourteen are still active—including the original hire, Python and Java dev Roberto, who started with Kenect five years ago. Ultimately, Jobsity’s staff augmentation services have allowed Kenect’s tech team to grow by ~70% in these five years. It’s a stellar example of Jobsity’s commitment to client success.

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A Fusion of Expertise

Kenect's collaboration with Jobsity is a custom fit. After five years of working with Jobsity’s world-class talent, Kenect’s staff retreat in Quito, Ecuador highlighted the teams’ technical and cultural alignment.

Kenect’s nearshore hires seamlessly collaborate with their local, U.S.-based hires, demonstrating a shared ethos and American work culture.

What’s Your Vision?

Sourcing, onboarding, and retaining top-tier talent come with significant challenges.

Jobsity helps you overcome them.

With our ethos of "Your Vision, Our Talent," we empower organizations like Kenect to level up their tech teams, bridging the gap between vision and reality, while ensuring long-term payoff.

Ready to make your vision a reality? Save up to 40% off while gaining a retention rate of ~3 years. Book a call.

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Written by Tamar Peterson

Tamar Peterson is a digital marketer with a background in copywriting, arts programming, and public education. Her work has included teaching writing to diverse groups, advancing employment equity within corporate culture, and serving as an editor for critically acclaimed literary magazines. Tamar is currently the Content Marketing Leader at Jobsity, where she crafts messaging and manages performance of marketing initiatives, sales communications, and the company brand.

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