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The benefits of nearshoring are immense—but to reap the full benefits, managers must be able to effectively work with international team members. If your U.S.-based company is nearshoring (or considering nearshoring), it’s likely you’re working with Latin American staff. Getting up to speed on your cultural differences, social scripts, and professional assumptions is paramount to team cohesion and success.

Jobsity’s recent webinar empowers you to get the most out of nearshoring and globally distributed teams.

This webinar was hosted by Tatiana Velez, Jobsity’s Head of Organizational Development. She showcased invaluable insights on how to best collaborate with your Latin American team members. Here are some of the key takeaways.

Exploring Cultural Similarities: Building Bridges

One of the cornerstones of successful collaboration is understanding shared cultural traits. During the webinar, we considered where Latin American and U.S. cultures intersect, highlighting how these commonalities can foster camaraderie among staff.

What are some shared values of U.S. and Latin American culture?

  • Celebrating Family Traditions & Holidays: Both Latin American and U.S. cultures celebrate similar holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving, albeit sometimes on different dates.
  • A Strong Work Ethic: Professionals in both regions share a dedication to success and a competitive outlook. They thrive in environments that challenge them to grow.
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Latin America and the U.S. boast vibrant startup ecosystems driven by innovation and access to capital, making them hubs for entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Prioritizing Education: Both Latin America and the U.S. prioritize education, emphasizing skills like literacy, mathematics, and, increasingly, proficiency in English, preparing the workforce for the global stage.

Effective communication forms the bedrock of successful collaborations. In our webinar, we covered key communication differences—and strategies that can bridge the gap between U.S. managers and their Latin American staff.

How do communication styles differ between U.S. and Latin American staff?

  • Formality & Details: Latin American communication tends to be more formal, emphasizing detailed explanations and including personal greetings. Understanding and respecting this formality fosters a positive work environment.
  • Indirectness & Politeness: Latin American communication often involves indirect and polite expressions, with conflicts preferably addressed privately. Encouraging open discussions while maintaining respect for hierarchy promotes healthy communication. (Jobsity vets our software developers for strong, direct communication skills! We’re a team of go-getters who speak our minds.)
  • Emotional Expression & Small Talk: Latin American professionals are emotionally expressive and value small talk. Appreciating this aspect of communication can create rapport and strengthen relationships.
  • Hierarchical Respect: There's a strong respect for “the chain of command” in Latin American workplaces. Encouraging open dialogue while being mindful of organizational hierarchies ensures effective communication channels.

Benefiting from Nearshoring: A Win-Win Scenario

Wouldn't it be easier to just hire locally, instead of figuring out how to navigate cultural differences between your U.S. team and Latin American hires? Not necessarily. Limiting yourself to hiring locally means you miss out on the unique benefits of nearshoring.

There are many ways nearshoring can improve your team's performance and boost your ability to meet company goals.

Benefits For Employers

  • Cost Efficiency: Nearshore software development to Latin America offers significant cost savings. The average Jobsity client saves up to 40% when they work with our nearshore staff, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Lower Turnover Rates: Embracing remote work, facilitated by nearshoring, correlates with a 25% lower turnover rate, contributing to organizational stability. The average Jobsity worker has a retention rate of 3 years.
  • Expanded Talent Pool: Access to a diverse and skilled workforce broadens your talent acquisition horizons, effectively addressing local talent gaps.
  • Timezone Management: Nearshoring means contracting staff who work in the same (or similar) time zone as your U.S. hires. This eliminates scheduling challenges and ensures faster, streamlined workflows.
  • Diversity & Innovation: Latin American professionals bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, enriching your organization's diversity and creativity.

Benefits for Nearshore Staff

  • Global Opportunities: Nearshore work opportunities provide Latin American professionals with exposure to international projects, fostering career growth and collaboration with experienced global peers.
  • Improved Compensation & Benefits: Latin American employees enjoy competitive wages and enhanced benefits, which elevate their standard of living, contribute to employee satisfaction, and promote longer retention.
  • Professional Development: Collaboration on international projects bolsters skills and knowledge, offering continuous opportunities for professional advancement.

Fostering Collaborative Success

Effective collaboration with Latin American staff requires cultural understanding, open communication, and mutual respect. By embracing these principles, U.S. companies can reach the full potential of their global teams, leading to unparalleled success and innovation.

At Jobsity, we celebrate the strong collaboration and new ideas that spring from diverse teams. By bridging cultures, we don't just create successful partnerships; we also lay the foundation for a brighter, interconnected future in the world of software development and nearshore staffing.

Want to unlock the full potential of global collaboration? Let’s chat.

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Written by Tamar Peterson

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