How to Hire Top Tech Talent in HealthTech: A Webinar Recap

Written by Donna Kmetz
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In a recent webinar hosted by Jobsity, industry experts gathered to discuss the pressing issue of hiring and retaining top tech talent, particularly within the HealthTech industry. The conversation revolved around the unique challenges of attracting skilled professionals—and how to retain them.

Roopam Kakoti, drawing from his experience as the VP of Product Engineering at Gestalt Diagnostics, highlighted a multifaceted approach. 

He emphasized the importance of assessing cultural fit, skill proficiency, and the complexity of the product being developed. This is especially important in HealthTech, as developers must consider the direct impact on healthcare providers and patients. Additionally, Roopam stressed the significance of intangible qualities such as ethics and data security awareness in potential hires.

Vanessa Romero, Jobsity’s Head of Talent Acquisition echoed Roopam's sentiments. She emphasized the extended hiring process required to secure excellent candidates in the competitive tech industry. She also highlighted the need for organizations to offer a conducive work culture, providing flexibility and challenging projects to retain top talent.

Noreen Butte, MD, discussed the regulatory changes and the evolving AI landscape as crucial factors influencing talent acquisition in HealthTech. She explained the necessary balance between clinical knowledge and technical expertise in hiring decisions. When it comes to hiring for HealthTech, it’s crucial that candidates understand both the healthcare industry and the ability to create a seamless user experience.

Looking Ahead: Emerging Trends in 2024

When it comes to forecasted trends for 2024, Roopam and Dr. Butte both addressed the ethical use of AI in healthcareand its increased integration. In training AI with patient data, regulatory compliance is a significant challenge. The panel speakers urged companies to invest in specialized expertise to effectively navigate the complex landscape.

To this end, the conversation concluded with insights into remote hiring practices. Vanessa shared her positive experiences and offered practical advice on navigating cultural differences and ensuring commitment and adaptability. She also discussed nearshoring as a viable option for organizations looking for top global talent. 

The webinar concluded with final thoughts and a look to the future. With a focus on cultural fit, technical proficiency, and regulatory compliance, organizations can position themselves for success.

The webinar is available for on-demand viewing. And if you’re interested in finding the best solution for nearshore talent, Jobsity’s here to help.

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