What Makes a Nearshore PHP Developer A Happy Employee? (Hint: It’s Snacks!)

What Makes a Nearshore PHP Developer A Happy Employee? (Hint: It’s Snacks!)

Jobsity is a unique place to work: we prioritize learning, culture, and communication. We care about our people, and our people care about our clients. But more important than all of this is that our nearshore developers love what they do, and they do it well. Because we’re proud that this is the case, we spent some time speaking with our all-star team to turn the tables on them and to ask: what’s it like to work as a nearshore programmer at Jobsity? And what’s a day in the life for a Jobsity developer like?

Here’s our first conversation, with PHP expert Brian Debuire. Enjoy!

Hey Brian. Welcome!

Tell us: where do you work and how would you describe a normal day in your life?

I work at Jobsity’s Quito HQ as a PHP Developer and my client is CivicPlus. A normal day starts with the daily standup, then PHP/React development, unit testing, solving problems, closing bug reports and checking the code coverage. Also, we do some pair programming or I’ll help other developers in the team with their tickets or test cases.

What do you like most about working at Jobsity?

The work environment is pretty chill. People at the Quito office are really friendly and diverse. We have developers from many different South American countries. We also benefit from free healthy snacks, fruit and really good, fresh coffee. Also, the flexibility to work from home is a big plus.

What do you enjoy most about working remotely?

Sometimes just being home boosts your productivity. It changes the work environment a bit so you can also be more comfortable or be in the company of your family. Being able to take a break from the daily commute and still be really productive is also a big win for the company—not to mention the environment.

What programming languages do you know how to use in your work and what are your favorite projects?

At CivicPlus the product I work on uses mostly PHP, and we are also starting to use React components pretty heavily. Even though Python is my favorite language, working with Symfony for so many years has given me a reason to really love the PHP community, especially because of the combined efforts to make PHP a better language after every new release.

What technology advice would you like to share with the world?

Always be kind, share your code, thoughts or ideas; it's a great way of making friends and also to learn a lot from awesome people.


If your company is ready to enjoy the benefits of a nearshore developer like Brian, there is a Jobsity distributed nearshore team ready to help you discuss your options. Contact us if you’d like to talk.



Nov 22, 2019
Santiago Castro
Santiago Castro

Santiago, COO at Jobsity, has been working on the web development industry for more than 15 years, assuming a variety of roles as UX/UI web designer, senior frontend developer, technical project manager and account manager, he has achieved a deep understanding of the development process and management, and developed strong communication skills with groups and clients. At present, Santiago runs the operations of Jobsity, managing offices in the United States, Ecuador and Colombia, leading a team of more than 100 developers, working on major projects for clients like NBC, GE, Bloomberg, Cargill, Pfizer, Disney and USA Today.

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