From a Dev’s Perspective: How To Trust Your Team When Working Remotely

Written by Santiago Mino

In this series, we’ve been interviewing the devs at the heart of Jobsity to learn more about their opinions, ideas, discoveries, projects, and more--basically, what makes them tick, and what makes Jobsity unique.

In this first blog post, we reached out to two longtime members of the Jobsity family, Frank, and Jorge. Today, we spoke with Cesar. We asked Cesar what it takes to trust a team leader when you’re a part of a remote team, what a diverse culture in remote work looks like, and how it helps good work gets done, and what it feels like to do remote work with Jobsity. Cesar did not fail to share his deeply held opinion and wise experience!

Let's check it out!

Cesar is a Systems Engineer, who has been programming for 12 years with a variety of national and international companies. For him, programming is an art, and it provides him with the same level of personal satisfaction as, for example, making music. While he’s been with Jobsity for a time (and calls it “the best experience” he’s had as a dev!), he’s worked on many kinds of teams and a variety of project types over his career.

Cesar, how has it felt to adjust to working in a 100% remote company. Has it been difficult to build social relationships inside the company?

I am a very sociable person, the truth has been going quite well with my colleagues. Upon arriving at the team the first thing we did was to make it clear that we are a team and we began to create bonds of friendship in order to strengthen teamwork. To us, the most important thing is to fulfill what the client asks us as a team, and that requires friendships.

What does trust in the workplace mean to you?

Trust for me is knowing that the people you have around you are going to do things well and with quality. Trust for me is to take a leap of faith knowing that the people around you, your team, will do it with you

How does it feel working remotely and knowing your coworkers are all over Latin America? Have you been able to establish a relationship with them?

Perhaps it is the best experience, professionally and personally speaking. It's easy to befriend my teammates because there is the confidence to do it. Currently, I feel comfortable with the team I am part of and more than anything it is because the team is reliable, respectful and collaborative

How do you think having a diverse team adds to the company? And why is it necessary?

As Latinos, we share many things, but it is those little things that differentiate us that make our interaction interesting and meaningful. I think that by mixing all the differences and learning from the experience of our colleagues, we make projects go ahead and maintain a happy and collaborative team.

Do you think working in a remote team is an impediment to engaging with other coworkers and learning more about their culture, or background?

No way. In fact, I think it is a way of learning much more thanks to the experiences and customs we each bring to the team.

At Jobsity, we provide various activities that are held in a remote way. Do you think these things help to have a remote culture that acknowledges diversity and encourages everyone to accept and even celebrate differences?

Yes! I think that Jobsity more than achieves that. As a team, we have confidence in each one of the members. You can see the effort that the company makes so that we can integrate, and because of that, we feel close with each other despite the fact that we are not physically close by.

Do you think that having diversity in the team is something that increases productivity and performance?

It seems to me that the diversity and differences we have within our teams at Jobsity give us a marked advantage: it is these differences that allow us to obtain quality products and to do a job full of confidence and productivity.

What would you recommend your team leader do to create more interpersonal relationships while working in different cities?

Perhaps it is important to do some integration activities with the team members. To create time where we can meet with each other at the beginning of a project, and build a culture as a team--a culture based on performing well, together and always supporting each other in creating work of quality.

As a remote worker, what do you think a company should adopt internally to make all of their employees feel part of the organization.

This company is currently striving to do it and it does it very well! As a collaborator of Jobsity, I feel part of the company; team building activities such as those that have been carried out are excellent since they strengthen and create new bonds of friendship. I believe that Jobsity is making an extraordinary effort to make us feel part of it all.

How do you build trust with your team members and manager?

Fulfilling my obligations and above all always speaking the truth. If you are good at what you do and honest, good things come along.

Do you think creating an interpersonal relationship within your team helps generate trust?

I think that creating bonds of friendship within a team not only makes trust build and grow but also creates more teamwork. Remember that in this industry the idea is to have happy and committed teams, if there is understanding, honesty, and trust the team will only give good results.


Thank you Cesar, for your thoughts on remote work, diversity, and the importance of trust in teams. It’s always helpful to learn...from a Dev’s perspective!


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Written by Santiago Mino

Santiago Mino, VP of Strategy at Jobsity, has been working in Business Development for several years now helping companies and institutions achieve their goals. He holds a degree in Industrial Design, with an extensive and diverse background. Now he spearheads the sales department for Jobsity in the Greater Denver Area.