Jobsity App - An Effective Tool To Help Manage Your Remote Team

Many companies are now embracing remote work, and they have to manage their teams with different tools, processes, and technologies. We understood this need to adapt to the “new normal” and decided to help by offering a more effective and efficient way to manage remote developers by launching our new app!

For now, Jobsity App is available only to clients, but we think it’s important to share with all of you how we are adapting and evolving. So let me tell you more about the features of our app and how it makes managing your remote team easier.

Inside the app, you have many sections to choose from. The first one is the “Team” section where you can see your whole team and start interacting with them by paying bonuses, giving time off, etc.

Pay Bonus

The “Pay Bonus” section is one of the main features, we give our clients the ability to send a bonus payment to one person or to the whole team in bulk. This helps avoid processes that could be unnecessary and time-consuming. It is an easy and effective way to send bonuses, the developer receives a notification when a payment has been sent and all the information is organized in one place.

Give Time Off

The app also allows our clients to give time off to any member of the team. Both developer and Jobsity’s HR department will receive a notification so everybody can be in sync. To save time the client has two options; to give time off to an individual or to the whole team ;)


Another cool feature is the “Transactions” section. Clients can view the history of bonuses made and available invoices.

It shows all the necessary details like date, amount, and team member. Since Jobsity App is new we will only have information going back to January.


One of the most important features is the “Calendar”. Your remote team has developers all over Latin America, one of them can be in Buenos Aires, another can be in San Pedro Sula or Mexico City. Therefore it is necessary to have control and be aware of holidays depending on the city your developer lives in. The app will send a notification email based on what is marked in the calendar. Besides showing holidays the app will also show birthdays and time off, like vacation days, and will always send a notification the day before. You can add some filters to customize the view of your calendar.


Feedback is really important when managing a remote team, the developers will be expecting to receive comments and/or compliments from our clients. It is an easy way to give feedback and let the team know how the client is feeling about their work. Ratings are only available once per month, and the HR department will receive a notification.

There are two ways to give feedback, the first one is by rating the developer from 1 to 5 plus leaving a comment.

The second way to leave feedback is by giving compliments. There are a couple of options that you can choose from. (See graphics below)

These features will help our clients manage their teams, make the relationship more transparent, and speed things up a bit.


In this section our clients can look for talented developers, what’s available, and save the profiles they find interesting.

The search can be done using the filters that apply to the specific needs of the client. The app will show the profiles that are available and the client can either save the profile or hire the developer directly.

This feature has helped some of our clients find what they need in a short period of time accelerating the whole process.

Top Talent

In the “Top Talent” section, developers are classified by strengths and experience, this is another way to find more senior talent in the different technologies, making the search shorter and more effective.

And that's it!

The Jobsity App has more amazing features to manage remote teams, and every day we are creating new things to make our clients’ lives easier. In these trying times, it is important for us to evolve and provide tools that are amazing in every aspect.

We want to share a video that gives you a sneak peek of our tool, enjoy! Also, we would love to know your opinion so feel free to leave your comments.


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