Jobsity Customer Service: The Road to Becoming a Customer-Centric Company

Jobsity Customer Service: The Road to Becoming a Customer-Centric Company

Our CEO, Andres Garzon, has taken over the podcast! In this new episode, he talks about what Jobsity is doing to become a fully customer-centric company. We will talk mainly about 3 processes that we have implemented in order to provide better customer service:

1. No extra fees.

2. Our own enterprise applications.

3. Corporate Liability compliance.


For this, we have invited 3 key people at Jobsity to speak with Andres: Santiago, our VP of Strategy; Mauricio, our CTO; and Siam, from operations. Welcome guys!

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Sep 10, 2021
Santiago Castro
Santiago Castro

Santiago, COO at Jobsity, has been working on the web development industry for more than 15 years, assuming a variety of roles as UX/UI web designer, senior frontend developer, technical project manager and account manager, he has achieved a deep understanding of the development process and management, and developed strong communication skills with groups and clients. At present, Santiago runs the operations of Jobsity, managing offices in the United States, Ecuador and Colombia, leading a team of more than 100 developers, working on major projects for clients like NBC, GE, Bloomberg, Cargill, Pfizer, Disney and USA Today.

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