The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

Written by Santiago Castro

According to, there are 700 active programming languages. That means 700 ways for a developer to tell a computer how to complete an action or command. And while certainly all of these languages have a role in the technology ecosystem, and a time and place where they are important in someone’s (or some program’s life), not all are created equal. Simply put: some languages are more important than others. Some languages are used more often, some languages are better equipped for current technological needs, and therefore some languages are worth a dev’s time and others are not -- some are even worth more money to a dev, while others are worth much less. And some languages are the most important for devs to learn in 2022.

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

Below, we’ve chosen the 5 most important languages for 2022, and we’ve outlined why -- including the salaries and other important details a new or experienced dev should know if they are considering learning or improving their knowledge of these languages.

1. Python

Python is a major language. In the last few years it has become a dominant language for over 80% of all developers. This means it is used by almost all developers in some way or another. Why is that? As DataStax writes, “extensive libraries in Python [facilitate] artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning processes.” Thus, with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so have we seen the rise of Python. In fact, Python developers are some of the best paid of all developers, working on dev projects for companies including Intel, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and more, and according to Zip Recruiter, the second highest paid per year.

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

2. Java

Java is a powerhouse coding language, and has been for over a decade. In fact, current estimates say that Java is now in use on over 3 billion devices worldwide. Why? Because Java is a dominant language for mobile and desktop apps, artificial intelligence, cloud applications are more. It’s a primary language for all interactive technology, and these days what technology isn’t interactive? On top of that, developers working with Java can find work at technology firms as various as Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart, Instagram, and more, and are easily employable at many other top firms. Not so bad for a programming language.

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

3. Swift

Swift is a relatively “new” language on the dev circuit, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be increasingly more important in 2022 and beyond. Why? Because it is a programming language created by Apple Inc for the use and development of all their iOs, macOS, and watchOS applications -- and Apple apps are big business. Because Swift allows these applications to be developed quickly, securely, and lucratively, it stands to reason that Swift will become a more and more in-demand language for devs in 2022. In fact, it’s already the language of choice for devs working at Apple, Uber, Slack, and more, and devs can expect to earn a strong starting salary writing Swift.

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

4. Kotlin

Much like Swift is the programming language of choice for iOs and Apple applications, so Kotlin is the programming language of choice for Android Apps and Google. As it's based on Java, Kotlin may be familiar to many devs -- but that doesn’t make it any less important as a stand-alone language for 2022. Especially as Android apps superseded iOS app installations in terms of number in 2021, and Android apps will likely continue to do so because of the open-source nature of Kotlin and the Android OS. In fact, with the rise of Android app dominance, the rise of Kotlin dev salaries has not been far behind: currently, they can expect an average even higher than Java or Python -- in fact, Kotlin devs are the highest paid programmers in 2022 (according to Zip Recruiter).

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

5. C#

While C# is an older programming language (we’d like to say “mature”) it has not waned in its importance and is looking to make a powerhouse comeback in 2022 as the most like programming language to rule the dev world. Why is that? In short, C# is the language that runs the .NET framework, and, having been developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s, it now is the foundation for close to 35% of all mobile games. And mobile games are not going anywhere in 2022 -- except up. Luckily for curious (or work-hungry) devs, C# is well-developed, deeply understood, and relatively simple to learn and understand. And it is currently the language of choice for Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Accenture, Alibaba Travels, and more, earning devs a very healthy salary all over the world. Not quite Kotlin levels, but not far behind.

The Five Programming Languages That Will Rule 2022

Are You Ready to Develop in 2022?

It’s not easy to be a developer; there’s much to learn, much to do, and a lot of moving pieces. But working on your ability to write in these top 5 languages for 202 can help keep you on the top of your game and earning the most you can. If you’re not writing one of these languages yet, don’t be afraid to dust them off or start learning fresh -- trends change fast, but these 5 are here to stay. And they will likely be the rulers of the game in 2022!

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Written by Santiago Castro

With over +16 years of experience in the technology and software industry and +12 of those years at Jobsity, Santi has performed a variety of roles including UX/UI web designer, senior front-end developer, technical project manager, and account manager. Wearing all of these hats has provided him with a wide range of expertise and the ability to manage teams, create solutions, and understand industry needs. At present, he runs the Operations Department at Jobsity, creating a high-level strategy for the company's success and leading a team of more than 400 professionals in their work on major projects.