Thoughts About Leadership, An Interview with Andres Garzon Jobsity CEO

An Interview with Andres Garzon Jobsity CEO -Thoughts About Leadership

Our CEO shares his thoughts about leadership and how he guided Jobsity through the COVID crisis.

In this podcast, we found out how Jobsity became the company that it is today. Andres Garzon talks about humility, discipline, values, teamwork, and making tough decisions. He also discusses the meaning behind being a consultant and how it’s different from being a mentor which he has gradually become.

The COVID crisis affected all of us, so he needed to find a way to navigate Jobsity by making difficult decisions and by learning how to communicate with his team and with his clients.  In this podcast, you will listen to his testimonial on how he pulled Jobsity through!

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Sep 25, 2020
Santiago Mino
Santiago Mino

Santiago Mino, VP of Strategy at Jobsity, has been working in Business Development for several years now helping companies and institutions achieve their goals. He holds a degree in Industrial Design, with an extensive and diverse background. Working for the Tourism Board of Ecuador, he created a strategy that facilitated a viable and internationally competitive sports tourism industry, which maximized Ecuador’s economic and social well being. As a designer, he played an essential role in research and development as well as a liaison between his company and International clients that build concept stores in Ecuador and shipped them around the world. Now he spearheads the sales department for in the Greater Denver Area. He is currently working on developing a strategy for outsourcing best practices and gender equality.



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