Let’s Talk About Databases. Why PostgreSQL Is So Important?

Written by Santiago Mino
Welcome everyone to the first podcast of 2021! In this episode, we will have a more technical conversation with one of our software developers, Rafael, that is an expert in databases mainly PostgreSQL. We had a type of conversation where I asked questions about this database so all of our listeners could understand and learn more about this amazing topic.
In this podcast episode you will listen about:
  • What is PostgreSQL
  • Tips, recommendations, and some advice when using this tool
  • Projects made with this and solutions for teams
  • and much more

These are some of the topics we covered in the podcast, we had a really helpful and interesting conversation about PostgreSQL, its benefits, and why it is one of the most advance open source databases in the world. We invite you to listen to the complete episode on our podcast channels or just click the player here!


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Written by Santiago Mino

Santiago Mino, VP of Strategy at Jobsity, has been working in Business Development for several years now helping companies and institutions achieve their goals. He holds a degree in Industrial Design, with an extensive and diverse background. Now he spearheads the sales department for Jobsity in the Greater Denver Area.