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Written by Donna Kmetz
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Welcome to Jobsity in Action, where we interview Jobsitizens and hear their perspectives. This week, we're releasing a three-part series with Ana Sanchez, Recruiter extraordinaire! Our first installment describes Ana's start with Jobsity and the skills she brought to the table from the very beginning.

At Jobsity, Ana’s background in Human Resources offers a refreshing perspective that complements her team's psychology-focused approach. 

She was originally hired as a junior recruiter, quickly rising to a position in BPO and Admin Staff Recruitment. The beginning of her time at Jobsity was marked by a steep learning curve, tackling challenges such as sourcing elusive talent.

Reflecting on her past experiences, Ana credits her strong organizational skills and methodical approach to her previous role managing operations. She also found that freelancing instilled in her a sense of tenacity and accountability, emphasizing the importance of diligence and ownership. 

Drawing from her family's business background, Ana learned to navigate diverse personalities and cater to varying needs: skills that serve her well in her current role.

Join us tomorrow for the second installment of Ana’s interview as she describes daily work life at Jobsity—and the joys and challenges that come with her position.

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Written by Donna Kmetz

Donna Kmetz is a business writer with a background in Healthcare, Education, and Linguistics. Her work has included SEO optimization for diverse industries, specialty course creation, and RFP/grant development. Donna is currently the Staff Writer at Jobsity, where she creates compelling content to educate readers and drive the company brand.

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