Jobsity in Action: Camila Rodriguez, Scrum Master, Parallel Public Works

Written by Donna Kmetz
Jobsity in Action
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At Jobsity, we’re creating an environment where our team members are empowered to grow, change, and learn in their roles. To celebrate International Women’s Month, throughout March we’re interviewing exceptional women in our organization. This week’s interview is with Camila Rodríguez, a Jobsitizen who wears many hats: Multimedia Engineer, Scrum Master, and Project manager. 

For emerging professionals pursuing a career in project management, and particularly those who’d like to change career tracks, Camila offers this advice: 

  • Pursue continuous learning
  • Seek a mentor to inspire you
  • Embrace challenges and opportunities for growth
  • Remember your unique skills.

She recently demonstrated her own ability to take on new challenges and share her perspective by hosting a Lunch & Learn session. Camila discussed changing positions from software development roles to leading teams in project management. Her talk covered everything from Agile continuous improvement principles to project management essentials and personal success stories.

We’re honored to have Camila on board and can’t wait to see her future accomplishments! Thank you Camila! 

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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