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"By Partnering With Jobsity Developers
McGraw Hill DPG IT Team Was Able to Exceed All Growth
Goals in an Unprecedented Way"

Jobsity developers worked with McGraw Hill to facilitate the company’s holistic growth and helped increase the team growth metrics by 13% - which is impressive in today’s hiring market.

The Client

McGraw Hill is an educational publishing company that delivers personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, educators, and professionals improve results. It also provides high-quality, trusted content developed by world-class authors. The company is one of the biggest educational publishing companies in the world, being distributed in over 96% of US school districts and in over 100 countries across the globe.

The Challenge

McGraw Hill DPG team needed help in expanding its engineering team in order to continue to build out its technology solutions and establish itself as a leader in the digital-first education space. But they faced many barriers when they realized that onshore and offshore solutions were infeasible for the company. With these models, the company was faced with high costs for US-based engineers and incompatible work hours with offshore talent. They needed to find another answer to their problem.

The Goal

McGraw Hill needed highly talented developers (for a cost affordable rate and in a similar time zone) that could help the company to prioritize engineering projects that would facilitate the company’s holistic growth. This would allow the existing team to take on all its desired projects that had previously been delayed and deprioritized due to a lack of resources. Bringing in more developers would allow previously unfeasible workload to finally be tackled.

The Solution

Jobsity’s nearshoring model connected McGraw Hill with 25 top-level developers from a curated list of the top 3% of developers across Latin America, scaling up their DPG team from 195 to 220 team members. The company even found a “unicorn hire” from Jobsity’s world-class talent roster to join the team as a Key Accessibility Engineering Specialist. McGraw Hill was also able to easily create a team ripe for collaboration as all of Jobsity’s selected developers worked in a close time zone to the company.

  • We added tons of great software engineers and good people at great rates.

    Kirk GrayMcGraw-Hill Education VP of Engineering

  • Our partnership with Jobsity has brought us a lot of talented folks, and they were even able to find us a Key Accessibility Engineering Specialist, which is a unicorn hire!

    Kirk GrayMcGraw-Hill Education VP of Engineering

  • Jobsity sends us well-screened folks and helps facilitate the interview process so that it’s easy to hire great people.

    Kirk GrayMcGraw-Hill Education VP of Engineering

  • We are continuing to expand our partnership with Jobsity because it’s going great.

    Kirk GrayMcGraw-Hill Education VP of Engineering

Add Nearshore Talent = Increase Productivity

By working with Jobsity, the McGraw Hill DPG team was able to save 33-50% in hiring nearshore talent. This allowed the company to use the additional funds to hire the full team they envisioned to support their engineering team.

This newly expanded workforce was able to tackle the company's additional projects and engineering needs, even in the face of projects evolving and expanding. This led to the DPG team growing by 13% in under 12 months - meeting its growth goals in a way it hasn't before.

33-50%savedBy opting for nearshore talent

13%team growthin under a year

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