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Creating a Lovable Image for Your Company

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Many variables factor into the success of your business. Creating an image that not only catches your audience’s eye, but also gives them a truly pleasant experience, can make a drastic difference. For example, a catchy jingle such as State Farm’s, creates an image that reassures its customers that no matter the condition, they will be there for them. Here are a few companies that successfully built and created memorable images for themselves:

1. Jobsity

Jobsity is an outsourcing web development company that provides awesome developers from Latin America. We select awesome people and treat them like family. We feed them with knowledge, we teach them programming with passion and above all, we make sure they are the best. Jobsity has spent the last decade partnering with clients to deliver custom-crafted experiences. We want you to do what you do best while we craft the best code. We know that “outsourcing” is a loaded word. It conjures images of off-shore developers with poor communication skills that deliver sloppy, broken code. Jobsity is here to change all that. Think of us as your internal team that likes to work remotely. Don’t all developers like to do that anyway?

By: Naftali Garber

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Nov 28, 2017



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