Facebook API: February 2013 Breaking Changes

Facebook API developer

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The past february Facebook made some important changes on its API, those are:

  • End of custom actions for content consumption
    If the custom action is triggered as users browse, view or otherwise look at content within your site, it is considered content consumption and is not allowed. The only actions that can be published upon a user simply consuming content are built-in actions.
  • Authenticated referrals going away
    The Authenticated Referrals create an inconsistent experience for people by asking them to give permissions in order to access content with little context. The Login Dialog should be used instead.
  • Create_event permission required to remove attendees from event
    In order to remove attendees from an event a user admins, the create_event permission will be required.
  • Minor change to admin.getAppProperties call
    When making an admin.getAppProperties call, it will now return an empty Android Key Hash field as [] instead of [""].
  • Offset no longer allowed when searching posts
    The offset parameter used when searching stream posts (e.g. is no longer allowed). Since and until should be used to do paging instead.
  • Curly bracket syntax for mentioning users in notifications going away
    Developers should use the new syntax (@[USER_ID]) instead of ({USER_ID}) for mentioning users in notifications
  • Removing ability to post to friends walls via Graph API
    Specifically, posts against [user_id]/feed where [user_id] is different from the session user, or stream.publish calls where the target_id user is different from the session user, will fail. To allow people to post to their friends’ timelines, the feed dialog should be invoked.






Nov 21, 2017