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Jobsity is proud of being a successful company with a completely distributed team. Our team members work from every corner of LATAM: from Mexico to Argentina, Perú to Brazil.

Since Jobsity started, the IT department has been the heart of the company. That’s why the process to be part of Jobsity is a strict one. Today’s podcast is about the recruitment process and the steps we follow to ensure we have the Top 3% of Software Development Talent from Latin America.

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Whatever the business or project, it’s likely that performance metrics will play a key role in its success.

Working in the tech industry, you realize there’s always a lot of noise around adopting the latest trends in management, content creation, or programming skills. But the new fad isn’t always what’s best for your company.

As we’ve cataloged in this blog, Jobsity is confident it can meet the needs of every client be

At Jobsity, all non-billable teams are aligned to meet the same goal: from recruitment to sales, IT to HR, operations and accounting to office management, all of our staff works together to ensure we can offer our clients an elite team of

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