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9 Quick Questions About Jobsity

So What’s the Deal With Jobsity Anyway? You’ve heard about us, You’re curious, but you’re not quite sure what Jobsity is all about. In the following 9 questions we provide answers to those burning questions you may have.  

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1. What Does Jobsity Do?  

Jobsity is a nearshore staff augmentation firm. We supply and train top-quality developers from Latin America to US companies large and small. In 2017 we were selected as an Endeavor Company, an acknowledgement that places Jobsity amongst the world’s best entrepreneurs.  

2. How is Nearshoring different from Offshoring?  

Unlike offshoring operations, nearshoring involves working with developers who are within your same time zone. Our bases in Ecuador and Colombia are about a 4-5 hour flight from most US cities. “Offshoring” usually involves a different hemisphere, longer distances, and flipped time zones where teams can’t coordinate in real time. 

3. What’s the advantage of working with Jobsity?  

We build distributed teams, essentially allowing companies to scale their development operations up or down by project. Our teams coordinate closely with your staff on their assigned tasks, without increasing costs exponentially. Though we’re not the cheapest on the market, hiring through Jobsity represents a significant savings when compared to hiring in-house developers in the US, not to mention the costs related to turnover, stock options, recruiting, etc.  

4. What Makes Jobsity Unique? 

Unlike many overseas firms, we only hire top talent developers, all of whom are fluently bilingual and many of whom have studied at US and European universities. We then invest heavily in their continuing education so that our clients have an even stronger team over time. Because we are a boutique operation, all of our clients have a direct line to our CTO and CEO. In addition, we provide our clients with continuity, as our average developer stays with us for over three years.  

5. What’s it like to work with Jobsity?  

We begin by getting to know your company and understanding your development operations.. Once you let us know what your needs are, we put together a team that is 100% dedicated to your company. We use your ticketing system, communications channel, project management methodology, and we work your hours. Each day you receive a time report which helps you understand our productivity. Our ability to integrate makes clients stay with us; most of our clients have been with us for more than five years.  

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6. What programming languages does Jobsity master?  

We can adjust to your needs. However, we consider ourselves experts with Angular JS, React Js, Java, Python, PHP, Drupal 8, Wordpress as well as QA.  

7. Where is Jobsity Located? 

We’re a distributed company. We have a headquarters in New York and offices in Quito, Ecuador, as well as Medellin and Cartagena in Colombia.  

8. What kind of companies does Jobsity work for?  

Jobsity works with both product companies as well as agencies. Some of our clients in the past have included Walgreens, GroupOn, Bloomberg, and Code & Theory. We are proud to have helped  NBC Sports develop the world’s most-visited drupal site.  

9. How many developers can Jobsity supply me with?  

We can supply you with as many or as few developers as you need. Some of our clients hire as few as 1-3 developers, whereas others hire more than 10.  

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Feb 15, 2018



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