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In the US alone, it is estimated that there will soon be a demand of 1.4 million software developers and only 400,000 software developer graduates to fill them. Luckily there are solutions beyond the traditional staff-building strategies everyone knows about.

Could IT staff augmentation help your organization resolve a problem, expand capacity, or

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Agile methodology came out of a need for innovation in an age of speed. As the development of new technologies speeds up, so did the product cycle necessary to keep up with the challenges and needs created by these new technologies.

The programming language known as C# (or “C-sharp,” like the musical notation, not the hashtag) is a part of the Common Languages Infrastructure and one of the simplest to learn and most widely used languages today for the construction of

As software development teams are increasingly distributed across different regions, managers face new challenges to ensure projects meet the required standards and are delivered on time.

As countries gradually ease lockdown measures, it’s increasingly clear that we won’t be returning to the world we knew before Covid-19.

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