Staff Aug to the Rescue: Scaling Up With Staff Augmentation

Staff Aug to the Rescue: Scaling Up With Staff Augmentation

Scaling up your firm’s digital operations on a tight timeline puts you in a tight spot. Staff aug may be the rescue you need to get going without delay.

Every company today is, to some extent, transforming its transactional relationships with customers as digital technologies continue to evolve. Inevitably, this requires new system architectures, new applications and other technologies to stay abreast.

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Developing in-house capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are constantly changing.

Falling behind the IT innovation curve can lead to disaster from a competitive standpoint. As such, very few companies have static IT needs.  Even companies who are content with IT business as usual can easily find themselves relying on outdated legacy systems which could cripple a business in its ability to grow. But transforming a business through digital technology takes more talent capacity than most companies currently enjoy.

IT staff augmentation, or staff aug, allows a company to rapidly add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their initiatives. The developers are employed by the staff augmentation firm, but managed by you as the client. Using staff aug, companies can easily ramp up and down to meet changing demand without shouldering the costs and liabilities of additional full time employees.

There are a number of advantages to the staff aug model.

  • Rapidly changing staffing needs: Companies with staffing needs in constant flux can meet those needs through staff augmentation. It’s relatively easy to add or subtract resources to match demand.

  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills: Avoids the cost of investing in internal skill development.

  • Meet aggressive project timelines: When an active project has a need for more resources in order to be completed on time, staff augmentation is typically the best option, and is often the only option.

Scaling For Both Current and Future Needs

When you contract with a staff augmentation firm, you are in effect keeping a back bench of highly qualified developers who take dedicated assignments to your projects on an as-needed basis.

Adding a lot of people to your payroll at once is risky and removing people is even more painful. When your needs fluctuate, so can the size of your team. Your services contract guarantees you a certain minimum staffing level at all times, with the option to widen or shrink your team over time as requirements change.

Ramp-Up Time

The prevailing wisdom at Google is that It generally takes six to nine months for any team to really get up to speed. Beyond the time it took for candidate search, selection and onboarding of new employees, they need orientation to the work itself. They have to outline requirements for their assignment, create a scrum board, train on the appropriate technologies, and develop a comfortable groove for their shared workflows. All of this takes time.

When you have an urgent and simultaneous need for a front end developer, a back end developer and another for QA, or maybe a larger team, that time lag becomes a dilemma.

The advantage of using a staff aug firm here is that all the developers are already trained in the right technologies, have often worked together before, and they’re ready on short notice.

The team is 100% dedicated to your projects, 100% integrated into your workflows, your operations, your comms tools, and your development framework. There’s complete transparency, and you get to direct their work priorities.

time and money


When you have a short timeline, you can expect that some of your developers will end up working overtime. One of the many wonderful things about working with a staff aug firm like Jobsity is that hourly estimates of required coders’ time are built in to a fixed-price contract, meaning you won’t see any cost overruns on your monthly invoices. All costs are transparent and part of your services contract.

Jobsity is as much a hiring company for talent attraction and retention as it is a technology company. The process of hiring and training certified coders is costly. We absorb those costs for you. We also provide continuous training to all our developers to keep them current on the latest technologies and sharpen their skills in both old and new coding languages.

Here’s some more detail about the costs and benefits of hiring in-house developers vs staff augmentation.

If you have any further questions about how staff augmentation works, what it costs, etc., do contact us for a chat. We love our work and our clients, and we’d love to talk to you.

Sep 18, 2018
Andres Garzon
Andres Garzon

Andres Garzon, Jobsity CEO and Founder received an MBA from Fordham University in New York City after graduating from University San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in 2003. He has also received a degree in Endeavor Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures from Harvard Business School. In 2019 he participated the Stanford Endeavor Innovation & Growth Program from Stanford University. During his postgraduate studies, Andres bet everything on Latin American talent. Today, Jobsity is a remote company and has a team of more than 200 people based in NYC, Houston, Quito, Cartagena, Medellín, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and many more cities in Latin America. 

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