Jobsity in Action: Ana Sanchez, Recruiter (Part Two)

Written by Donna Kmetz
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Welcome back to Jobsity in Action! Our celebration of International Women’s Month continues with the second part of our series on Ana Sanchez. In her time with Jobsity, she’s risen from Junior Recruiter to full BPO and Admin Staff Recruiter. Part One covered her background and start at Jobsity—now it’s time for Part Two, all about daily life at Jobsity. 

Ana works in Talent Acquisition, where she finds satisfaction in pairing the right people with the right positions. It’s a unique role and her background in Human Resources serves her well: she knows how to understand and connect with clients and candidates alike. Even with this understanding, it’s not an easy job: there are many moving parts that have to come together to find the perfect fit.

Ana’s joy in her job comes from not only the job itself, but the team with whom she works. They’re quite close—and they thrive in the Jobsity culture of open communication and transparency. Everyone’s on the same page and one team member’s success raises the team as a whole. 

She finds that there are always opportunities to learn—during rare slow moments, she prioritizes upskilling. Ana frequently takes courses, listens to podcasts, and reads books to achieve her growth and development goals. 

Ana also appreciates Jobsity’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Jobsity developers (and admin staff!) come from different countries and bring with them unique cultures and dynamics. These different perspectives drive innovation and success—and it’s one of the reasons Jobsity’s the best in the business for nearshore direct staffing

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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