Transforming an AI-Powered Software Application

"How Repair Pricer Used Jobsity Developers to Accelerate Its Industry-Leading Al Software And Reach 96% Accuracy"

Jobsity developers accelerated Repair Pricer's home repair estimate software to be the most accurate it's ever been.

The Client

Repair Pricer, a leading home repair estimate company, offers home repair estimates using a proprietary system based on Al and natural language processing. This software gives inspection reports by providing ultra-fast turnaround times to clients anywhere in the US. Repair Pricer has been able to examine over 400,000 inspection reports to build an industry-leading solution for home repair estimates.

The Challenge

Repair Pricer needed help to migrate its robust database to a new platform and to improve the application's Al accuracy capabilities. They also faced a roadblock when attempts to hire offshore talent proved too logistically complicated and too expensive for the company's needs and budget. Knowing that efficient collaboration and communication would be crucial to the software's growth and development, the company sought another solution.

The Goal

Repair Pricer needed top-notch developers (within their budget and in a similar time zone) that could create a database of every possible home repair item along with its average cost. This would effectively provide one central source for contractors to pull all their estimated information, which would also be constantly updated. Jobsity's nearshoring model proved to be the solution to their problems.

The Solution

By using Jobsity's nearshoring model, Repair Pricer was able to select cost affordable, expert-level talent from a carefully curated list of qualified candidates from a talent pool of the top 3% of developers across Latin America. With Jobsity's developers working in a close timezone, Repair Pricer was able to leverage talent primarily in Central and South America while still preserving the team cohesion and collaboration they were looking for.

  • We were able to find the right people with the right skill sets quickly.

    Paul JacksonRepair Pricer CTO

  • I found Jobsity’s nearshoring model to be the perfect middle ground between cost effectiveness and convenience.

    Paul JacksonRepair Pricer CTO

  • As my team was based in Texas on Central Time, developers overseas would have very little overlap with standard business hours. But Jobsity’s nearshoring model was the solution to my problem.

    Paul JacksonRepair Pricer CTO

Lower Costs = More Output

Through working with Jobsity, Repair Pricer was able to experience success from the beginning. The company saved 30-40% by opting for nearshore talent. These cost savings allowed the company to hire an additional developer they otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford - which was instrumental in the success that followed.

With the addition of Jobsity's expert-level developers, Repair Pricer was able to complete a full-scale migration of its software to a cloud platform. Jobsity developers also helped improve the software's accuracy dramatically from 70% to 96% in under a year - something almost unheard of in the Al industry.

30-40%savedBy opting for nearshore talent

70 to 96% accuracyIn under a year

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